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Thread: <Paradigm Shift> LFM "Hardcore Casuals" for Cataclysm

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    <Paradigm Shift> LFM "Hardcore Casuals" for 25man Cataclysm

    <Paradigm Shift> - a guild for hardcore players with a casual schedule on Vek’nilash EU.

    6 people die from fire.

    One was tunnel-visioning their rotation. One doesn’t have a rotation, and seems to be trying to work it our midraid, complete with questions like ‘so should I use X?’ during fights. One expected ‘just heal through it’. Another blames the tanks for ‘not picking up adds’. One is a tank who can’t find their strafe key, and keyboard turned to victory. The last one doesn’t seem to know they’re dead.

    WIPE. Not that it matters – with that dps/healing/tanking, the attempt wasn’t a winner.

    If this situation seems familiar, and is enough to inspire gouts of silent nerdrage as you question whether you’re the only person in the raid who can actually see your screen/mouseturn/dress yourself, and you quietly curse your school/work/kids for relegating you to 4 nights of fail rather than 2 of success - <Paradigm Shift> might be for you.

    <Paradigm Shift> is a new guild, formed by players who became frustrated with raiding progress (or the lack thereof) at varying points during WotLK content. We are aiming to recruit players for whom the above scenario is familiar, who can only manage 2 nights a week come Cataclysm – but who want to get the most out of those nights. You don’t need to have killed every boss this expansion (you probably haven’t, if you’ve had the same experiences as some of us) but previous raid experience is important. Raiding design in cataclysm is better than ever for limited time players, and we want to experience all we can with the time we have.

    Drama is boring, explaining a boss’s basic mechanics for the 10th time (rather than working on strategies for said boss) is a waste of time, and dealing with epeening, whining and general lack of knowledge about the game when you could be raiding is annoying. The guild will be building up a playerbase who want to deal with none of these – if it takes a while, so be it. Raiding should be fun, challenging and rewarding.

    Do not apply if:

    You want to raid more that 2 nights a week.
    You think raiding is a means to an end, and all the fun derives from posing in Dalaran in your gear.
    You think Logs, FRAPS, discussing strategy/tactics, and focussing on an encounter outside the raid is pointless.

    You might want to apply if you want to be challenged but not frustrated by raiding, you aren’t afraid of coordination and responsibility, and still harbour a spark of hope that raiding can be enjoyable and progressive.


    We are now recruiting certain classes to fill our 25m team for Cataclysm. We are mainly looking for skilled dps at the moment, but also specifically hunters, a protection warrior, and a restoration druid.

    This is a brand-new guild project on Alliance Vek’nilash-EU –we are recruiting primarily for cataclysm raiding, so we will accept rerolls and transfers provided you’ll be top level by the expansion release. We expect our members to be mature, absolutely stellar at WoW PvE content, and above all pleasant to be around – a good social fit is just as important to us as the ability to play well. After all, we’re trying to enjoy raiding again.

    Our promise? We won’t be recruiting people who don’t fit into our philosophy, so as a successful applicant, you won’t have to deal with people who don’t match our expectations of you. It may take time to build a solid team, but the final experience will be far better as a whole.

    So if you have previous raid experience (and want more), an in-depth knowledge of your class mechanics, and want to be part of a likeminded raid team, drop us an app at our forums:


    Or, you can contact/PM me for more information through the forums, or contact one of our officers ingame: Janari or Xcercs
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