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Thread: Zombiefest post 4.01

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    Zombiefest post 4.01

    Looking for any tips on scoring the Zombiefest achievement since patch 4.01 dropped. Tried it last night and the 'old' method doesn't work anymore. My thinking was using a tank and healer in the front of the zone to round up the 85 odd zombies out there, and have a dps group in the back half to burn as many down in the gauntlet as necessary. We can't drag the second boss into the town hall but we can take him to the door. How long should we hold him there before killing him (waiting for the front zombie respawns)?

    I'm currently trying to wrap up all the heroic achievements before cataclysm and Zombiefest and Less Rabi are the only two that are bugging me.

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    There is a fundamental problem with having a healer and a tank round them up. How would a tank hold aggro on something they can't attack? If your tank can't handle rounding them up alone then try another tank, if you are the tank make someone else tank and go DPS.

    As for actual advice. Even a relatively bad paladin tank can round them up easily enough. If they get in trouble Divine Shield doesn't deaggro them if you are the only one in combat with them (i.e. the rest of your group on the other side of the town hall). Divine Shield is also a great way to get them to cluster up in order to make them easier to AoE when it actually is time to kill them. A paladin can also heal themselves if they get a little distance between them and the zombies.

    You have to generally wait for the zombies right outside the town hall to respawn while fighting the second boss, because those zombies were the last you killed when pulling the boss there. They all respawn on the same timer. Since there are 85 in the starting half you will want almost, if not all, of them in order to do the achievement.

    Remember the timer starts when the first zombie is killed. If you accidentally kill one early, you have to wait the full duration of the achievement timer to allow it to reset on the next kill.
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    Still works easily the old safe way.

    Take 2nd boss (the caster one) into the inn up near arthas and wait for front to respawn usually means leaving boss up for 2min (IE dont attack). Kill him do the boss up in inn and open access to back area.

    4 of you will start gauntlet one dps with aoe goes back to front. Track the quest the moment you start seeing numbers die from front side the 4 start the gauntlet.

    Very trivial to get it you dont have to be near each other to get the counts at all.

    The old way of scooping the back all up I doubt is doable post 4.0.1 I have strong suspicions the tanks well get pasted.
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    Re: Zombiefest post 4.01

    We did this differently.
    We killed the bosses outside the inn wherever they spawned, cleared the inn, and had a huntard mind control his pet back to the beginning of the instance, and then drag all the zombies thru the inn and to the back area.
    10 seconds of aoe later, ding - zombiefest.

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    Ok we went back in last night and got this achievement. Here's what we found/how we did it:

    We killed the first boss as normal. When the second boss spawned we kited him to gate just next to the inn. You can't drag him into the inn any more. The tank held him there until the zombies started to respawn (the zombies that had died up to that point). When they had respawned we killed the second boss and ran into the inn. Then killed the third boss as normal. We spoke to Arthas and he opened the book shelf.

    At this point the druid tank and ret paladin (group 1) went out to the front and rounded up as many zombies as they could and collected brought them all together in front of the inn.

    At the back of the inn (the gauntlet) we had a hunter, mage and holy paladin (who'd swapped into prot) (group 2) ready to charge down the gauntlet on a suicidal killing spree.

    When group 1 was ready they gave the order to begin the slaughter and they aoe'd down all the zombies they had. Group 2 charge down the gauntlet killing anything in the way. Group 2 did die, but not before we all got the achievement.

    It seems like there's an invisible line at the front door of the inn. The zombies from the front wont cross it, and neither will the second boss. Whether this is a change that came in with 4.01 I'm not sure. But in our attempts the front half zombies and the second boss could not be dragged into the inn.


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