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Thread: Check me out! Level 77 Prot Warrior

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    Check me out! Level 77 Prot Warrior



    Life: 21,588
    Armor: 18,741
    Defense: 360
    Dodge: 17.47
    Parry: 10.15
    Block: 20

    I just dinged 77 last night.

    I will be replacing the cobalt bracers with tempered saronite bracers later tonight, and socketing them with a stamina gem.

    Overall I guess my question is do I have too much dodge and not enough parry? I try to prioritize parry, dodge then expertise but all the stuff I get has dodge on it.

    Please let me know what you think of my pre-80 warrior!

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    I would worry more about this stuff when you hit 80 and start trying to gear for raiding. For right now it is just a matter of getting whatever you can that has dodge/parry on it.
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    Right, pre-80, you can pretty much wear whatever you want as long as it's tanking gear. Any decent healer can keep you up in most gear before you start running heroic dungeons. By that time, your gear should be good enough, and you can start thinking about optimization.
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