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Thread: [horde][Maelstrom] <Roll Initiative> Recruiting for Cataclysm.

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    [Horde][Maelstrom] <Roll Initiative> 12/12 HM ICC 25 + HM Halion 25 | LF Mage + more!

    Last Updated: 11/28/10

    More info and apply at: www.rollinitiative.org

    Raiding days/times are: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 6pm to 11pm central (server) time.

    With Cataclysm approaching we are making our final touches to our raiding roster. There are still many open positions to join us, so check out the classes listed below or read about our application process on our site, and apply. Even if your class is not listed and you feel you are an exceptional player, feel free to apply anyway. Keep in mind our expectations are high.

    High Need

    Medium Need
    -DPS Death Knight*
    -Retribution Paladin*

    Low Need
    -Shadow Priest
    -Feral DPS Druid*

    *Tanking experience/gear will strongly assist your application.

    Once again, if your class is not listed but you feel you are an exceptional player (i.e. you can outperform one of our current raiders), please feel free to apply. Ideal applicants have a consistent background of hardmode progression raiding and are well-versed in all aspects of their class. While gear and experience aren't required, if you lack one or both of these your application must be extremely convincing as to why you should be given a chance. Please take time when filling out an application and remember it will be our first impression of you.

    <Roll Initiative> is currently and has long been the top ranking PvE guild on Maelstrom. The guild has maintained a server-first rank during the majority of TBC (pre-3.0 Muru) and continued throughout all of WotLK (downing all content pre-4.0). We are an eclectic group with members ranging from students and working folks, to married couples and even our very own lawyer. What ties us all together is our unequivocal desire to succeed, our passion for taking on/overcoming challenges, and the constant search for refinements to our performance. The guild raids on a moderate 3-day schedule, but does seek to complete all content in a timely manner. To accomplish this we strive for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in all of our raids, and value these same qualities in our members. We do socialize both inside and outside raiding and enjoy playing several other games together--with many members that play League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, or various other games.

    We at <Roll Initiative> are only looking for long-term members, we do not want players that will quit as soon as the current tier of content comes to an end. We are not going anywhere, and want members that will be part of our raiding core that will still be with us throughout the duration of Cataclysm and beyond. Everyone that joins will be an active raider, you will be given a chance to make yourself stand out and earn your raid spot. Understand that during progression we will do whatever is necessary to make the encounter we're learning as easy as possible, and if you cannot handle being sat out for a fight this is not the place for you. Please know we are very fair with how we handle sitting out certain classes, and everyone will see the most equal amount of raid time possible.

    We expect that all applicants maintain close to 100% attedance during their initiate period, and expect members to maintain around 85% lifetime attendance. We value and appreciate each and every raider and want them in our raids as much as possible. However, we do understand that real-life takes priority and you will not be gkicked for having to miss raids. All that is required is some from of advanced notification and explanation (forum post typically) for your absence.

    More info and apply at: www.rollinitiative.org

    If you have further questions about our recruitment needs or the guild in general feel free to whisper or mail an officer in game (Gorecki [GM], Annakonda, Rhyliss).
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