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Thread: Saving UI set ups outside of WoW folder?

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    Saving UI set ups outside of WoW folder?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to give my UI a complete over haul. Using new add-ons I haven't used before, ect. I'm looking to find out if possible and if so how can I save all my currently UI set ups and profiles ect. while I am installing new UIs, tinkering around and such.

    Is it possible to like copy some folders and files else where outside the WoW folder that I can move back at a later point if I don't like my new UI set up or for other reasons? If so, can someone please explain how do it?

    Thanks for so much!

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    Re: Saving UI set ups outside of WoW folder?

    Yes. All you have to do is copy your interface folder in a different location. Then if you don't like any iof the changes you have made you can just drop this back in and have everything back the way you started.

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    You have to copy your WTF folders too, because that's where the settings for the addons are saved.

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