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Thread: Glyphing and Deadly Boss Mods

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    Glyphing and Deadly Boss Mods

    Is anybody having this issue?

    I'm in raid, about to take on the next boss. I decide to change out some glyphs to further optimize my desired success. As I click to replace....DBM freaks out and I get a message saying DBM-Core has blocked this action from taking place, and I can either ignore my action or disable DBM.

    I've re-downloaded the newest version, but it's become a tossup whether or not I'm going to be allowed to reglyph without a complete logout/login/run back to group.

    Anybody?...is there something wrong with DBM? Are Bigwigs users having this issue?...


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    I don't think this is specific to DBM. I have had this happen with a different, unrelated add-on. I logged out and back in and the problem went away. It may go away if you reload the UI as well.

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