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Thread: Heroic LK 10 Group Composition.

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    Heroic LK 10 Group Composition.

    So, my guild went with the following composition for the fight:
    MT: Druid
    OT: Warrior
    Healers (3): Druid, Disc Priest, Holy Priest.
    DPS: Death Knight, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Shamman.

    The tanks and 2 of the 3 healers had BIS gear (this Disc priest had mostly 251 and 264 gear) And from the DPS, all had BiS gear.

    My main question is: Would there be a more optimal composition for these heroic LK 10 attempts? Are Ret Paladins needed for a more successful chance at killing Arthas? If you guys have killed him, what comp did you find to be most effective? Yall's advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Resto druids don't have much of a place in the lk fight, and holy priest don't really have much of a place in icc, however they are more then capable of healing it. If you really wanted to have a *perfect* group ditch them and grab a holy paladin instead.


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