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Thread: Power Aura Set Up w/ Holy Power + Export : Prot Pallies Only =P

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    Power Aura Set Up w/ Holy Power + Export : Prot Pallies Only =P

    I'll be frank - spent a lot of time searching for stuff and not having too much luck. So spent some time figuring out some stuff I wanted to have and figured I'd share.

    Feel free to post or mention ideas, I can only think so far outside the box within reason.


    Export Command

    PHP Code:
    Set=Page 1@
    Aura[2]=Version:4.5icon:Spell_Holy_BlessingOfProtectionbuffname:Holy Shieldx:52customname:stunitn:stOnly for raid/group.; aurastext:stowntex:truespec2:falsesize:0.2y:-200customsound:sttimer.enabled:truetimer.cents:falsetimer.Relative:BOTTOM@
    Aura[3]=Version:4.5icon:Ability_Paladin_JudgementRedbuffname:Sacred Dutyx:-52customname:stunitn:stOnly for raid/group.; aurastext:stowntex:truesize:0.2y:-200customsound:sttimer.enabled:truetimer.cents:falsetimer.Relative:BOTTOM@
    Aura[4]=Version:4.5icon:Spell_Holy_AvengersShieldbuffname:Avenger's Shield; customname:st; unitn:stOnly for raid/group.; bufftype:7; aurastext:st; owntex:true; spec2:false; size:0.2; y:-200; customsound:st@
    Aura[5]=Version:4.5; icon:Spell_Holy_ArdentDefender; buffname:Ardent Defender; x:-52; customname:st; unitn:stOnly for raid/group.; aurastext:st; owntex:true; size:0.2; y:-270; customsound:st; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:BOTTOM@
    Aura[6]=Version:4.5; anim1:7; icon:Spell_Holy_SealOfFury; buffname:Righteous Fury; x:-75; customname:st; unitn:stOnly for raid/group.; alpha:1; aurastext:st; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; spec2:false; size:0.5; randomcolor:true; y:100; inverse:true; customsound:st; anim2:4@
    Aura[7]=Version:4.5; icon:Spell_Holy_Restoration; buffname:Divine Protection; x:52; customname:st; unitn:stOnly for raid/group.; aurastext:st; owntex:true; size:0.2; y:-270; customsound:st; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:BOTTOM@
    Aura[8]=Version:4.5; icon:Spell_Holy_InnerFire; buffname:Consecration; customname:st; unitn:stOnly for raid/group.; bufftype:7; aurastext:st; owntex:true; spec2:false; size:0.2; y:-270; customsound:st@
    Aura[9]=Version:4.5; anim1:7; icon:Spell_Holy_SealOfVengeance; buffname:Seal of Truth; x:75; customname:st; unitn:stOnly for raid/group.; alpha:1; aurastext:st; owntex:true; isResting:0; mine:true; spec2:false; size:0.48; randomcolor:true; y:100; inverse:true; customsound:st; anim2:4@ 
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    I really appreciate the thoughts behind this post, but I disagree with the method.

    I'd much rather see you put together a manual of sorts for these things then just dump a bunch of code out there. (Catch-22 moment: those who know how to handle that code probably don't need the code.)

    I like the RF and Seal icons, I made something similar myself (though far more annoying, and for all seals.)

    You don't need a sacred duty proc notification (since in almost all situations, proc fishing for that is pointless.)
    I'd change the holy shield notification to "Holy shield not up." (so you know you need to fix it when you see it.)
    I'd change the ardent defender and divine protection auras into a single, bigger icon, and I'd include all tank cooldowns available in the activation list. (Safeguard, hand of sacrifice, pain suppression, divine guardian, etc.)

    Yes, that's long list of things to change, but I really like the way it looks right now. It's simple, minimalistic and effective - well done.
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    ...there is no true progression for a casual anymore, just hand outs.

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    OR you could just use my AddOn for Holy Power

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