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Thread: Stand In This - a video I made on behalf of us healers

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    Stand In This - a video I made on behalf of us healers

    I hope you guys don't mind a bit of self-promotion but the healing community is what prompted me to create this video. I know a lot of us have noticed people running out of our beneficial aoe spells, so I'm hoping this video might help that a little bit. Share with your dpsers if you like
    Healing Rain was hard to get a good shot of - it's very faint. I'm hoping they keep working on it and I can re-record that part.
    The scene at the end with the Orc drowning is my guildmaster. I had to put that in since it felt so right with the song, and also because it encapsulates the "I'm not healing you through the fire" feeling.
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    Vuhdo 101: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBoImKCY1Fs Vuhdo 102: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEbM0XG7XsU http://www.twitter.com/soragrey

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    Great video, I've try everything getting people to click lightwell in raids

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    This was awesome! Thanks Eressea.

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    I love this video! and the song went perfect with it. I also gotta tell you I really liked your vuhdo tutorial, I switched to vuhdo when I saw it and havent looked back lol.

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    Linked this on my guild forums, they took it as a message that it was ok to stand in everything.

    Ka Pai, GMT+12 recruiting now!

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