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Thread: Velran UI

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    Velran UI

    Velran UI is a sleek, new, graphical compilation intended for general usage in World of Warcraft - both PvE and PvP. It has been designed to maximize your screen space, while still providing easily viewable, essential AddOns for gameplay. This UI was made, and is intended for use, with a 1920x1200 resolution. However, it should also work with 1680x1080 and 1440x900. Other resolutions will most likely require modifications - I may look into making this UI available for different resolutions in the future.


    Please go to my WoWInterface page, through the link at the top of the page, for installation and setup instructions.

    Addons Used

    All credit for the development of these AddOns should go to their respective authors.

    Aloft (in AddOns menu) - Nameplates
    ButtonFacade (/buttonfacade) - Button Skins
    Chinchilla (/chinchilla) - Minimap
    Dominos (/dominos) - Action Bars
    Deus Vox Encounters (/dxe config) - Boss Encounters
    Fontain (/fontain) - Fonts
    ForteXorcist (/fx) - Spell Timer
    Gnosis (/gnosis) - Cast Bar
    Grid (/grid) - Raid and Party Frames
    KgPanels (/kgpanels config) - Panels for visual customization
    NibPointDisplay (/nibpd) - Bars for class bars (Holy power, soul shards, combo points, shadow orbs)
    Omen (/omen config) - Threat Meter
    OmniCC (/omnicc) - Cooldown Timer
    Pitbull4 (/pitbull) - Unit Frames
    Prat (/prat) - Chat
    Recount (/recount config, and extra options in AddOns menu) - Damage Tracker
    Reflux - Creates profiles for making/switching UI's
    Satrina Buff Frames (/sbf options) - Buff/Debuff Customization
    Shadowed Unit Frames (/suf) - Unit Frames
    SLDataText (/sldt) - Information Text
    TipTac (/tiptac) - Tooltip

    If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me, either by commenting on this page, through a private message, or in-game on Velran, EU-Grim Batol Horde side.

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    I love this UI!
    I don't love my monitor for not supporting 1920x1200 however
    I'll be checking in to see if it's made for 1920x1080 someday.


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    very nicee i hope you keep updating in the future

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    Is there any possible way you could label them, sorry i'm new to add-ons ...would greatly appreciate it

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