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Thread: Agi vs Sta for 5mans

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    Agi vs Sta for 5mans

    So, I'm planning on making new tank from my druid and planned on leveling only in instances as a tank in cata.
    I have farmed 245ilvl (5370gs) gear to help tanking the first cata instances and I Have gemmed/enchanted pure stamina.

    But now I was wondering if it would be better to gear full agi in 5mans for better chance to dodge (superior in aoe pulls to stamina for damage reduction) and better crit for more SD procs (more procs > bigger procs against "small" hits). I wont be farming two different sets just for this.

    I'm just not sure about this, I dont know how hard the mobs in cata instances hit so I have no idea if I need all that stamina or would higher dodge be superior choice, any help is appreciated.

    -Thank you for answers

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    I think having a lot less hp will make your harder to heal even with a few percent more dodge. How much more dodge do you think you could obtain?

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    You will be replacing pretty much all of your gear before gear starts to matter as a survivability means (heroic 5-mans).

    Normal mode 5-mans are very easy, number wise. The damage you take will be easily mitigated by questing greens or you 5300 gs. I would still recommend gemming stam because it lets your overgeared healers keep you alive better than your own mitigation, if it comes to this.

    But I guess what I'm trying to say is don't worry about normal mode, and heroic mode will have you in full 83-85 blue greens over your current gear anyway.

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