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Thread: Need help with some info on Heroic LK 10m Necrotic Plague

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    Need help with some info on Heroic LK 10m Necrotic Plague

    The group that I run with finally got to heroic lich king this evening. (2nd week working on hard modes so I'd prefer to avoid the "lawl your bad comments") But we started on the first phase of the heroic encounter and almost immediately we had people dying to necrotic plague. Did I miss something? Every explanation of the fight has said that shadow traps is the only addition from normal to heroic. However my healers are claiming that the plague is ticking within 3 seconds not it's normal 5. Has anyone else had experience with this? I do not doubt the healer's skill we 4 shot heroic sindy when half the people had never even seen the fight so I'm sure they're information is accurate. I'm looking for any sort of help here. I know it's late in the expansion but I would still like to be able to kill LK on heroic at least once before cata.

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    If you want "lawl your bad comments" look no futher than the official forums, dont think I've ever seen that stuff here :-)

    About your question, unless it has been recently changed, it should still be 5 secs. There are though more things to think about so I think its just a matter of practise. Should be said we havent completed this fight either since we started focusing more on 25 man but I remember us thinking the same thing the first few attempts.

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    Yeah, this ought to still be 5s. Just to be sure, next time you pull this be running your combat log (/combatlog) and upload to something like WOL. You can use this to confirm a bug, or just your healer's jitters ;D

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    It is 5 seconds, I handle the dispells while tanking the adds in p1, I cleanse at 4 seconds no matter what, haven't lost anyone to the plague.

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    You must keep in mind that you are fighting lag. 5s can seem very short if there is lag between the server and healer, or between the monitor and ethernet card, or even between the monitor and player.
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    Are you sure its necrotic plague killing folks? I've seen dps run too close to the add when they drop off and get clipped by the shockwave.

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