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Thread: Improving my prot Warrior for ICC

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    Improving my prot Warrior for ICC

    I just came back to WoW one week ago and notice the big changes with the new patch (4.0.1). I read many of your forums about gear, stats and enchant... and I'm a bit lost.

    What should i do with the mastery stat? (i did start reforging... but how far should i do that?)

    What should i aim (stats, enchants and gears) for ICC? (i'll get the Pillars legging soon).

    Thank you.

    Here my warrior :

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    I'd say you're doing reasonably alright already. You could probably afford to reforge a little bit of dodge into whatever you deem most important. If you're the sort of tank who really feels he needs to be expertise soft capped (I'm not), you could put it there to try to get up to the 22 expertise you need (at level 80 in 4.0.1). If you want smoother damage intake, you could put it into mastery. The +10 stats and +20 expertise gems feel a little weak to me. I'd be more likely to use a purple gem if you want to activate your meta, so that you can pick up a bit more stamina. If you feel the loss of expertise, you can always reforge something.

    Overall though, you're not in a bad place, though obviously behind the gear curve a bit. You'd do fine in any fight in normal ICC, but heroics might be a little rough. If you want to tank in ICC, I highly recommend you have Vigilance. Having that vengeance stacking on you even when you aren't tanking is pretty nice.
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    Thank you! It was of great help!

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