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Thread: Help for initial threat

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    I'll give you what I consider a magical solution for this.

    Before the pull, activate recklessness. If you time it right, your heroic throw, shield slam with shield block activated and either a revenge or a heroic strike will be crits. It'll do wonders to your 5 sec threat generation and from there you should be able to keep it up, since vengence will stack already.

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    I have several DPS in my 10Man group that make initial threat... challenging. That being said, I've developed my own sure-fire way that makes it virtually impossible for them to pull aggro off of me.

    I pop Commanding Shout prior to my charge. (Like a second before) Then it's Charge -> Heroic Throw (on charge) -> Shield Block as I'm charging, SS, Rev, Devx2,Then I pop Blood Fury (I'm an orc) and hit my second shield slam. I make a point -never- to HS within my first 'rotation' (or at least being very careful) because I've ended up in spots where I've had zero rage. However, once that first 'rotation' (I'm using that term lightly) is over, I HS as normal.

    (Many prot warrior rank CB/SW higher than Dev, and I would have to agree prior to 4.0.1, but I've had really good experiences using Dev since then)

    Priority list for me is SS, Rev, Dev, Shock, Conc.

    I don't spec into incite, I don't spec into war academy. I spec into Blood Craze for added survivability. With that being said, using the 'rotation' as I listed, if I do it properly, dps will not pull off of me (that applies to ever Heroic Mode currently in the game)

    EDIT: My biggest peice of advice if you're having threat issues (I had them for a few hours too after the 4.0.1 patch), make sure you're not HSing too much. I used to spam HS like no tomorrow, but now it's a whole different ball game, and it'll eat through your rage and leave you missing valuable SS's and Rev's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martie View Post
    Look, for the initial phases of a fight, you really shouldn't be asking us. You should be asking your rogue, hunters and possibly your other DPS.
    I browsed through all postings and wondered why nobody bothered mentioning that thorns are the new tricks/md. Having a druid of any specc giving you thorns on the pull is most likely enough initial aggro with a shield slam (except for caster heavy packs camps) until your ramped revenge stack kicks in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannyl View Post
    When I'm pulling a boss, I generally follow a simple check list; charge -> heroic throw (important! it is an instant, rage-free, high-threat ability) -> turn the boss around and hit SS -> heroic strike. I use both berserker rage and CS right before the pull, so that I have the max rage needed for the pull. From there I quickly continue with Shield Block to get extra damage on my next SS and usually get almost an instant revenge after the turn around. After that I just fall into my priority list, which doesn't include Conc Blow or SW actually. I know some people use them but I do so very rarely. Instead it's just SS > revenge > devastate (filler) and heroic strike on every CD. You shouldn't generally ever be rage starved once the fight starts. I find I can go nuts on my HS through the length of any fight, as long as the boss keeps hitting me. You can hold back during some of the luls, like when Rotface turns to spit on a random raid member, though you should usually have a shout or berserker rage available for those situations as well. I also always use Shield Block on every CD, unless I need it for defensive purpose and it's always important to use SS before revenge when they proc because revenge can proc SS. It isn't rare for me to get a SS proc right after revenge and those bursts with SB is just amazing for your TPS. I've seen my TPS peak as high as 60k that way.

    You can also, if you want use Shield Block prior to your first SS. With Heavy Repercussions -talent it should give you 100% more damage, which makes it extremely valuable. I use it particularly in 5-mans where I rarely have Vengeance to speak of and I need the best snap aggro I can make. You should have a talk with your guild officers and have them spread around the habit or the DPS to wait 1-2 GCDs before attacking in. Sindragosa especially tends to be a twitchy boss to pull and in our raids, we have a strict rule that nobody attacks the boss before the tank has got her into position.

    The simple fact atm is that DPS needs to learn to manage their aggro better for the coming expansion. Atm, I would define this particularly for AoE situations and definitely during pulls. It's not odd for a fury warrior to grab aggro off a boss if he charge in at the same time with the tank, blow death wish and whatever other funny things he has. Once Vengeance kicks in, he can kick and scream at the boss as much as wants, there is no way he will steal your aggro but until then, for the first 30-45 seconds, DPS needs track their threat on their threatmeters.

    this pretty much sums it up.. also, i might add the heroic throw glyph ( adds a stack of sundarmor.. win) and stay away from recklessness. lastly, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SHIELD BLOCK UP BEFORE YOUR FIRST SS. then, get that s&b proc within the 10 secounds and you should be golden
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    Most of our guys think ICC is such a joke the pulls go 2 ways
    1.) You start running in and a pyroblast ball flys past over your head followed by a metric ton of other crap
    ..... OR .....
    2.) You pull and are almost deafened by the sound of everyone proc'ing there trinkets and then the barrage comes flying in.
    hahaha, sounds very realistic..., lucky i play with sounds off, easier for Vent users.... i play Smart dps, and wait for the tank to get a hold of the mob, before i go intercept and whirlwind behind the tanks target... or if I tank, the group usually gives me a good head start, stack rend tclap and shockwave...
    also this is a good way for dps to be sit out, especially when you GM is the tank, and the pull doesn't go according to plan... LOL...

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