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Thread: Victory Rush

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    Victory Rush

    So I went out and tested some victory rush healing to see how it worked. All of these numbers are with 56,892 hp, impending victory fully spec'd, field dressing fully spec'd, and glyphed victory rush.

    When victory rush proc'd from a killing blow I healed for 21710 hp (which equates to 30% * 1.06 * 1.20 = 38.16%), meaning that the victory rush glyph did nothing and isn't working. If the glyph was working it should have healed for 32,564 health (57.24%).

    Proc'd from devastate, victory rush healed for 5428 hp (which equates to 5% * 1.06 * 1.2 * 1.5 = 9.54%), meaning the glyph is only working for proc's from devastate and not killing blows.

    Also when you proc victory rush from devastate and kill a mob before using it... the killing blow proc'd version overwrites the devastate proc version as long as the mob you killed qualifies for a killing blow victory rush proc.

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    Base value is 20%. Your 30% used already includes the glyph. (Glyphs change tooltips now!)
    It's working as intended™.
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    Huh well look at that... awsome thanks wartotem

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    Add a Holy priest into the mix, with Test of Faith (12% bonus healing) and Guardian Spirit (40% bonus healing received) and you get:

    Killing blow proc 20% * 1.5 * 1.06 * 1.2 * 1.12 * 1.4 = 59.83% (up from 38.16%)
    Devastate proc 5% * 1.5 * 1.06 * 1.2 * 1.12 * 1.4 = 14.95% (up from 9.54%)

    Obviously more situational. But when doing runs with Holy priests, my Victory Rush often heals for 100K+ at a time and believe you me it's saved quite a handful of wipes on trash or bossfights that include adds. I am usually at around 170-175K hp in heroics.

    With Vengeance stacked, prot warriors are easily cleaving out 15-20K dmg on 4+ mobs so it's easy to get killing blow VR procs and heal yourself a full 40-60%. Repeatedly.

    All I need now is a Devastate-VR macro I can bind to my mousewheel for a spammable 10% self-heal during execute/sub-20% phase.
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