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Some friends are running a 1000 song rockband marathon for Childs Play Charities. It's an awesome orginization and I know many of the people playing. This is there second year doing this they hit there goal last year hoping to surpass it this time.

These are not insane players in a professional atmosphere its just a group of friends from Raleigh trying to do something good for those in need. Please stop by and take a look donate if you can and help spread the word if you can =)

"The 2nd annual 1000 song Rock Band Marathon for Child’s Play Charity taking place live on the internet from November 4th through the 7th. This is a virtual event, so no physical attendance is required. At any time between these dates, just browse over to to watch live via UStream as the cast performs all your favorite rock songs with the all new Rock Band 3!

All donations go directly to Child’s Play Charity ( which has raised millions of dollars for hospital bound children all over the world since 2003. Child’s Play provides books, board games, and videogames to children all over the world that are confined to hospital beds. Donations will be accepted via the website securely through PayPal. Check us out!
We’ll get to 1000 songs one way or another, even if it takes 70 hours!"