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Thread: Protadin - Calcs of Avoidance

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    Protadin - Calcs of Avoidance

    First of all, being my first here, I would like to congratulate everyone involved here, since I watch/read videos/guides ever since, they're truly helpful

    Anyways, I was out for like 6 months, now I started playing since patch 4 and started raiding ICC10.

    Aside the obvious change that Defense no longer exists as a stat and now we have Mastery, which in case of paladins, from what I've seen raises Block Chance, each point increase 2% Block Chance.
    Something is really messing my understanding regarding the math involved avoidance, I have, no matter if it's character sheet, or armory these are the values:

    Dodge - 22,20% (20,22%)
    Parry - 20,98% (20,20%)
    Block - 21,00% (21%)

    Now which value is supposed to be considered on formula Avoidance = Dodge + Parry + Block should be = 102,4 %, the values between () or the 1st ones?
    The values between () are smaller, are these values with DR? (I don't think that it is since tooltip states these values are BEFORE DR.

    From what I've read, I should now increase mastery to get my block chance around 40%?

    Avoidance = Dodge + Parry + Block + 5% + 15% (Holy Shield)
    Avoidance = 22,20 + 20,98 + 21 + 15 (Holy Shield) + 5 (Boss Miss Chance) = 84,18%

    102,4 (Optimal) - 84,18 (My Current) = 18,22% (still needed)

    Are my calcs correct, I have to raise my block 18,22%, to be optimal now ?

    Even by reforging, looks like very hard to reach 40%, with my current gear I think, since from my calcs, I need to gather around 456 Mastery Rating (1 Mastery = 50 Mastery Rating) to get the extra 18,22%.
    <EDIT2> From what I readed last days, it's impossible without ruining the other avoidance stats below of 20%, unless you have 264/277.

    Here's the link to my Armory's Profile:

    (Note: also need to increase a little more Expertise, still 19 with SoT, I know the current value is now 23, the 26 will be at lvl85)

    Thanks in advance to all who can shed some light into my doubts.

    <EDIT> Mastery Rating Calcs were fixed, since 1 gives 2%, it's not a 1:1 Ratio
    <EDIT2> Removed some doubts, added some explanation in my point of view and edited avoidance formula to my new findings, if something is incorrect, pls tell me.

    Basically the only question I think remains unanswered is which value should be considered on tooltip, any other advice will be more than welcome.
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