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Thread: Resto Druid needs help duo healing LK HC 10 With disc priest

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    Resto Druid needs help duo healing LK HC 10 With disc priest

    Hello all i'd like to explain my problem here.

    We have tried LK HC 10 for 3 nights now. The first two nights i forgot that soothe dispelled enrage so i gained that duty as well as tank healing. We also used a resto shaman to 3 heal it but he went elemental now.

    Im having trouble keeping both tanks up and dispelling the enrage.

    Shambling tank gets Rejuv 3 lifebloom + regrowth
    LK Tank gets rejuv + regrowth

    sometimes shambling tank just dies because i cant top him with 2 adds and infest.

    SO I NEED HALP!!!1!one or advice please.

    (Armory link > )

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    Hot class being toleld to tank heal and dispell an enrage on a heavy tank damage fight....

    make a dps of some kind dispell the enrage otherwise the tanks WILL die when you have a clash between LK tank needing a HT/nourish/rgrwth and dispelling the enrage off a shambler, either way one tank dies and its a wipe.

    resto druids have never been the best tank healer.

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    Re: Resto Druid needs help duo healing LK HC 10 With disc priest

    That healer combo worked fine for one of our groups. IT seems the disc isn't doing his infest job. After bubbling the raid he should chime in on the tanks with penance / flashheal without any non tank needing healing.

    If that's not doing the trick call for a cooldown on the tanks or support from the raid.

    Reassigning the disenrage would be viable too.


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    I agree with the above and it sounds like the Priest need to pick up his game a little bit. I offer a few reminders and pointers.

    - Keep Nature's Swiftness at the ready and use it anytime you see him drop below 40%
    - Swiftmend is you best friend and efforescence is great in the melee group. Use it often.
    - I can't see your reforge in the armory, but if you're regen is good move some spirit to Crit. Living Seed works well and swiftmend cooldown that come with crit will be a big help now that Rejuv can crit.
    - Glyph of Healing Touch will reduce your Nature's Swiftness cooldown by 5%

    If you're 2 healing this, someone really needs to be taking that enrage on but the Priest should be having no problem handling the MT at least.

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    I reforged yesterday and i now have 1040 haste and 34% chance to crit. I reforged around before but now i should be cool.

    Ill try telling the priest to help healing our OT a bit more. Our MT isnt dying anyway considering hes an OP Druid.

    I also made a mouseover macro for Soothe and a Nature Swiftness Healing Touch Macro.
    So i should be able to handle it a bit easier.

    So far weve only gotten into phase2 a couple of times but it should go better now that we have more dps for phase 1 and disc shields for the infest. Any tips from Resto druids that have healed this before perhaps?

    No posts like resto druids arent tank healer because that really doesn't help.
    Since the last patch we are viable tank healers.


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