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Thread: HUGE shield issue!

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    Dec 2008
    Its never dropped for our guild either, we have killed her on heroic for as long as I can remember now and we have killed heroic 25 LK a bunch of times now, it just refuses to drop, I'm still using heroic winter which I picked up the first time we ever did heroic gunship 10. Its pretty ridiculous, we are either really unlucky or its has a horrible drop rate ... btw i have been full BIS prot and fury (besides shadowmourne) for a long time now and have just never ever seen it drop.

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    I hope they fix stuff like this, it's such a key and vital upgrade for tanks and yet drops off an end boss that is limited to dropping 1 piece of gear + tokens per kill.
    Marking targets, coordinating CC, and *most importantly*, pulling responsibly so that 9 elites didn't rush us and wipe the party, this Is something I have missed since nov 08.

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