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Thread: [A][Archimonde]<Ghosts of War>11/12HM & Glory Recruiting For Cataclysm!!

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    [A][Archimonde]<Ghosts of War>11/12HM & Glory Recruiting For Cataclysm!!

    GoW is recruiting for Cataclysm.

    We are planning on doing 10 man progression raiding, and currently have 5 different 10 man teams running ICC weekly, in addition to a 25 man run. Teams will be filled according to skill and availability once people hit 85.

    The expectation is that you take one toon, a primary/main raid toon and level it to 85, without touching other toons until that is completed so we can get raiding as soon as possible.

    How we do things in game – so there are no surprises for anyone applying to guild or our new members still learning the ropes – we are a casual guild with elements from Hardcore to Nooblet, and we like it that way.

    We'll take almost anyone at any gear level or level of experience, provided you pull your weight in whatever role you choose (or may be asked) to fill, and if you are willing to take advice to improve your performance in game. We currently run 5 ICC 10 man raid teams per week that are at various levels of progression and various levels of hardcoreness to accommodate both playstyle and skill level, as well as available time.

    We base our raid makeup for all our raids on skill and attendance; in a word, PERFORMANCE. Not cliques, not who shows up first, not who made the GM angry or happy, or who is married to who IRL. All positions in a raid (with the exception of the raid leader) are up for grabs at any time, provided some requirements are met .

    We have created more raids as our roster grows to support the needs of as many as we can. We also allow people to move from less progressed teams to more progressed (and vice versa) based on performance.

    We use a Suicide Kings variant and the addon Konfer SK to manage it in game. You need this installed and running if you want to raid. Why Suicide Kings? Simple. We want to reward people for showing up to raid regularly. This helps drive progression because people learn the fights, and they also gear up faster. We have a few KSK house rules we've put in place.

    G Team - [10ICC] 12/12, 11/12HM, Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10 (Fridays 8PM-12AM Server)
    O Team - [10ICC] 12/12, 8/12HM (Wednesdays 7:30PM-10PM Server)
    W Team - [10ICC] 12/12 4/12HM(Sundays 6:30PM-10PM Server)
    A Team (Teaching/Training) - [10ICC] 6/12 (Wednesdays 6:30PM-9:00PM Server)
    Late Night - [10ICC] 9/12 (Wednesdays 10:00PM-1AM Server)
    25ICC - 10/12 (Thursdays 7:30PM-11PM Server)

    We will add more raids or change days and time slots (or second raid days/times) as needs change.
    With people returning to game for the winter and Cata patches rolling, getting in and getting on a team now will help get you placed where you belong once Cataclysm goes live.

    WoW Progress
    World of Logs

    For more specifics on how we run things in game please visit our website.
    To apply please go to our website, register and fill out the application under the WoW public forums via the link at the top of the homepage.

    Thanks for your interest!
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    Cry Havoc! And let slip the Ghosts of War..

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