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Thread: help with addons and macros

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    help with addons and macros

    I'm lvling a warrior tank and wondered what addons and macros I should get for 5man instances? All the guides I found are made for raiding. I'm just looking for the basics

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    For levelling you could probably manage just fine without omen although having it will make things a bit easier.
    I use magicmarker to mark by holding alt and mousing over a mob, this will become more important later one when you want certain mobs killed first. There are other marking addons, this is just my preference.

    Perhaps get tidyplates (nameplates addon) and threatplates (seperate plugin) to better see when you are losing aggro on multiple targets.

    can't really think of any other must have addons for tanking.. odd since i'm on mine right now!

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    Here's some macros I am using on my level 20 alt:

    Charge with stance dance:
    #showtooltip Charge;
    /cast [harm, nocombat, stance:1] Charge
    /cast [harm, combat, stance:1] Defensive Stance
    /cast [nocombat, stance:2] Battle Stance
    RaidTarget scrolling macro that I bound to the mousewheel up:
    /script if (charm == nil) or (charm < 5) then charm=9; end; charm=charm-1; SetRaidTarget("mouseover", charm);
    RaidTarget clearing macro that I bound to mousewheel down:
    /script SetRaidTarget("mouseover", 0)
    Mouseover Sunder with startattack:
    /cast [@mouseover] Sunder Armor; [@target]Sunder Armor;
    They're not perfect, but they work for my play style.

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    I don't use a marking addon, I have the marks bound to my numpad, which is close to my mouse, and it's easy to hit the 1 when I want the dps to hit a completely different target than the one I mark...cuz really, they seem to think that marking targets means: "Hit want you want, don't mind me."

    Seriously, dps ignores marks, in my experience. Unless it's in my raid, then they only ignore it once. We have a stupid dps is stupid policy.
    I'm an alt-oholic. I'm ok with that.

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