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Thread: Disc Priest Addons / UI questions.

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    Disc Priest Addons / UI questions.

    Hi there!

    I am looking for some assistance with my UI. I am happy with the look, shape, feel.. etc.

    However. I am focusing on ICC HC 25 LK, and I feel its time for me to optimize my UI a little to squeeze out a little more performance.

    I currently use Healbot, as I can see all the info I need, and I can click heal. However I feel that its laggy or slower then I would like. I know that we have a new UI and there is also the Grid + Clique way to go.

    I am specifically looking to know if the new UI or Grid + Clique is faster at casting / getting off heals. I really want to up my game a little, and I feel like my casting is a little slowed by HB.

    Does anyone have a saved Grid file that I can check out (that they use on 25 man LK hc). I know that I can customize it, but I just want to see what other discs are using for this fight.

    Please do not turn this into a QQ battle over which is better. I want to test them for myself, so I can form an opinion.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    check out Vuh'do...

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into that one as well.

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    the ONLY reason i am still using healbot over the new raid frames is because of the bars changing color for magic,poison,curse,disease etc.. which makes dispelling a breeze for me. Clique + built in raid frames will work as well as grid.

    you can use the new raid frames in heroics to test it out.. Interface>Unit Frames>use raid-style party frames.

    what exactly is your role in the fight? tank healer or shield/dispeller? the later will need you to be able to monitor shields and easily see the plague so that's all you really need to keep in mind when choosing.

    aside from a boss mod i can't really think of any other addon that would really benefit the fight.

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