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Thread: Very Casual Prot Pally Looking for Gear Advice

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    Very Casual Prot Pally Looking for Gear Advice

    How's it going? I'm still somewhat new, only been playing for a few months. I played Vanilla for about two months when Vanilla was new but stopped; I just started playing again a few months ago. I went the pally path and love it, but I've got some questions. I'm looking for any advice on gear, gems, enchants, etc. that would help me to move into being able to tank decent raids. I tank a ton of 5-mans with little to no problem, but raids are a different story.

    Before you view my gear--please keep in mind that I don't have a "schedule" to play like some of the more hardcore players do. I'm a casual, I'm older, and I have a lot of responsibilities/interests that I won't put in the backseat (job, wife, motorcycles, horses, and guns ) so when I do raid it's usually a PUG fill in. I don't have the luxury of frequent raids week after week to get some of the more ideal gear. However--I'd like to find that balance where I can be fairly effective but still remain fairly casual.

    Thanks in advance for any advice, I really appreciate it. I've been left to my own devices up to this point, I figure the experts can tell me the next steps

    Anemiccutter, Garithos

    P.S.--I'm open to any spec changes as well if it would help


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    You can actually gear out almost completely now runing only 5 mans... And the few slots where to can't there is a vey nice pvp or vendor option

    Run 5 mans to get 251 tier head, shoulders, legs and gloves. The fill with 264 off chest, belt, cloak and relic. Alternatively you could skip the tier legs and have pillars crafted and the tier gloves and buy the off set ones. Trade off between set bonus and straight stats is up to you.

    You can have 245 bracers made and 264 boots.

    A decent 232 neck drops from one of the icc 5 mans, I want to say forge but not sure

    Trinkets can be the key from point vendors and the heart from 5 man toc

    For your shield, run a few pvp battle grounds.. 1 should be enough actually I usually get over 100 honor per. You can buy the 270 pvp shield for only 70 honor.

    For our weapon, more pvp battle grounds... More this time for the 264 dps axe with 2.6 speed. It's 1800ish.

    I think that covers every slot, the problem then is you arnt actually going to see upgrades much from 10 man raids once you start them.
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    This is awesome, thanks a ton! I actually picked up the shield but haven't been using...only stat on it is resilience & I thought the avoidance/parry on the other would have been more beneficial. As for the other stuff--gives me something to work toward now.

    I'm not worried if I don't see upgrades much from 10 man raids once I'm dressed...at least when the opportunity comes up I'll be able to participate more. There are pretty "selective" groups on Garithos...if being dressed for the occasion means all I walk away with is the experience from the raid then I'm ok with that. That's part of what holds me back from getting into some of the bigger raids...lack of experience, which often stems from lack of gear.

    I've got some points sitting around, might be able to pick up the axe soon. Again, thanks for all of the input!

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