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Thread: Helvetica - Paladin Tank UI

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    Helvetica - Paladin Tank UI

    I updated my UI quite heavily.. I figured out that if you scale your UI down in you blizzard advanced video options.. Blizzard raid frames becomes a very legit unit frame option, even in 40 man raids!

    This Interface was designed to:

    Specific to Paladin Tanking
    Minimal but still Display pertinent info
    Low on Memory Usage
    Keep your eyes focused on your toon and its surroundings.

    I used:

    Dominos (Custom Action Bars)
    Clique (Assign actions to clicking Unit Frames)
    Combo Points Redux (Displays Holy Power Stacks and Seals of Truth Stacks)
    Shadow Unit Frames (Unit Frames)
    Simple Raid Target Icons (Double Click Target Marking)
    Omen (Threat Meter)
    cVengeance (AP Gained from Vengeance)

    The Sacred Duty and Holy Shield Indicators are Using a Whitelist bar in Aptus Aura Frames. That area is empty when neither buff is active.

    The HotR button is a left click CS right click HotR... Almost all these buttons have L.click R.click Shift.click funtionality.

    Macro I use for most of the buttons on the right hand side:
    /cast [modifier:shift] Divine Light; [button:2] Holy Light; Flash of Light
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    Clean UI but perhaps a bit too clean.. :-)

    Where do you see your own HP? Where do you see your target of target? Where do you see raid-event-bars?

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    Bumped for major overhaul

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