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Thread: Proc'ing Arcane Shot And Aimed Shot: Post-Patch 4.01 - What Am I Doing Wrong?

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    Proc'ing Arcane Shot And Aimed Shot: Post-Patch 4.01 - What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Hey everyone, I am really trying to get the hang of my shot rotation and my focus management since the new Patch 4.01 came out. I did manage to squeeze out about 4.4k dps on the Heroic Training Dummy this afternoon, which I guess isn't too bad.

    The problem I am having is, I'm having a really hard time getting my Arcane Shot and my Aimed shot to proc. I try to observe the Global Cooldowns carefully, but half the time when I hit Arcane Shot or Aimed shot on my main action bar, it simply doesn't proc, so it's a wasted press of a button. This, in turn, really gimps my shot rotation, and messes me up in general. I think my overall DPS is suffering a lot because of this problem.

    When I'm in the heat of combat, I also have a really hard time sticking to my priority shots in my rotation. I'm using a lot of nice helpful addons, and I spent about one day and the next morning customizing my UI for maximum performance, visibility, and overall usefulness (I plan to post a screenie of it here in the appropriate forum).

    Basically, I try to apply Hunter's mark to the target first, then get off a Serpent Sting, followed by a Chimera Shot, then a pair of Steady Shots for the Marksman buff, then if I am able, an Arcane Shot or Aimed Shot. I also have Rapid Fire hotkeyed on my mainbar and I pop that whenever it is available.

    Any advice or suggestions you could offer as to what I am doing wrong, and why my Arcane Shot and Aimed Shot are not proc'ing when they should, would be greatly appreciated. I think if I could proc more Arcane and Aimed Shots, it would really help my DPS out immensely.

    Thanks so much !!! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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    What do you mean proccing Arcane Shot?

    Your basic MM rotation should be: HM > SrS > CS > RF > Readiness > CS > SSX2 > ArSX2 > CS if it's up, if not, SSx2. The rotation takes a bit to get used to, but always remember to do SS in 2 shot bursts. Use CS everytime it's up and burn off extra focus with ArS. If AimS procs, fire it when you can. Even in basic Tier 10 you should push 6-7k easy with this rotation.

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    Give Survival a try, I find it much more forgiving then MM these days and the dps is quite good.

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    priority order 9 iirc):

    HM/MFD > SSbuff > CS> free aimed shot > SerS> arcane shot if you will have focus for CS off cd > SS

    will check later when i remember the correct one for certain.

    Watch me play SC2 ladder and enjoy the lolz

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