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Thread: Prot War trinket question

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    Prot War trinket question

    So just messing around on my warrior, pvp and heroics and such. Wondering if Herkuml War Token would even be worth it at all.

    I use the skeleton key, have Needle encrusted Scorpion and Ick's rotting thumb.

    Just wondering if it would be worth the justice points.

    *edit* I don't do any raiding on this character.

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    The ramp up time is horrid for pvp - you might want to stick with your trinkets and get decent blues for lvl 85 in 2-3 weeks

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    you need to hit something for 15 seconds to get the full 320 AP from herkuml if you are not a rogue with fast weapons. Stick with what you have. If you want to PvP, think about getting a battlemaster (secondary stat+4000hp/20 sec use) trinket, they can be life-savers (and turn a fight around if you are lucky). you use it at 20% life and suddenly the enemy can't execute you anymore, buying a healer time to get you up, or (I assume you are a warrior) making your enraged regen heal for more.

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    Its a great trinket.

    Every hit of an ability on a target adds a stack, so against 5 targets, a thunderclap gives 5 stacks.

    If you do cleaves on top, this makes it stack up even faster, and white hits come extra ofc.

    On my tank speedrunning heroics it usually takes me 4-5 sec to get the full 20 stacks. And with the change to haste rating the haste stat comes in handy aswell. I have reforged alot of it to expertise tho, but still a great trinket.

    I agree that it is horrible for PvP tho.
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