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Thread: Druids and How to gear the Fluffy Tank.

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    Druids and How to gear the Fluffy Tank.

    I started playing WoW in January of 2005, so ive been playing for a good 5 years. Ive had many characters and many accounts. In 2009 I finally made a druid and I discovered I love them with all my heart and soul. In my opinion, and no offense to anyone else, I believe they are the best class for everything. When I finally hit 80, which took me forever, because im not the best player in the world, I decided to gear for Fluffy Tank. I knew what I had to look for as a Druid tank in TBC and WotLK. Now I just hit 80 about a week after patch 4.0.3. I am now considerably lost. To make along story short, I need help gearing my tank. What to look for, What to gear in, What do I stack?, When does one stat become priority over another? With this new patch all I can think of doing is farming for my tier10 gear, since the Justice Points, and getting whatever I can out of heriocs. If someone can help I'm in need of it. HALP!

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    just get as much t10 gear as you can. also once you get 5/5 t10, go for the leather melee dps ilvl 264's, and the 264 trinkets and relic from the old emblem of frost vendor in dalaran. also, dont forget about your ashen verdict rep ring in icc like i did for about a week after dropping my resto spec and going tank. lol. that was funny to mention to my guild for sure.

    gems: stamina for health, and agility for dodge. (you want to be at about 45-50% dodge)
    enchants: same as gems, stam/agi/dodge
    glyphs: (i cant recall exactly what i have right now [at work on govnt comp cant check it]

    feel free to check me out on the armory:
    US server

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    I am about to revive my Druid as well .. I was wondering if someone could post a list of "caps" to be shooting for. Hit, Dodge, Def, Armor, and so forth.

    please, and thanx.

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