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Thread: As Alliance, what should I check out?

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    As Alliance, what should I check out?

    I was only able to log in for a short while last night, but after checking in on the major cities with my alliance and horde characters, I think I must be missing something on the alliance side.

    Org is completely rebuilt from the ground up. There's so much new stuff to explore and it looks incredible.

    Stormwind is... the same? I mean, the door to the AH moved and there are some ruins in a corner of the city no one ever goes to.

    What am I missing? Is Gnomer a real city now? It just seems like there is a serious discrepancy in the amount of effort spent on horde vs. alliance. I'm hoping I just missed the alliance stuff because I wasn't on long. Pretty underwhelmed so far.

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    I have to somewhat agree with you on this. Granted I think SW looks great, but besides a little bit of rearranging in the Trade District and the overhaul of Stormwind Keep, there is no huge changes. I have done a decent amount of running around in Azeroth already because I was leading a lower level friend around. There is so many areas that horde's influence has spread. Sections of areas they have claimed ownership over, even a whole zone(Hillsbrad). While alliance basically lost ground.

    Lore wise, it makes sense that horde seems to be on a war rampage. With Garrosh being a blood thirsty orc he is, horde seems to be gaining ground through brute strength. Either way, it does seem like horde gained more then they lost after the shattering.

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