Team Nebulous of <Macabre> ( on Hyjal (US-PvE) is our guild's fifth and newest raiding team. Call us Casual: this team is focused on making friends and having a fun group while downing ICC bosses. We are looking for a few more people so we can start raiding! The name Nebulous was chosen because of the meaning: No definite shape or form. This is appropriate because it will sum up the raid group, we will be able to grow and form and evolve with everything that WOW throws at us. We look forward to all the fun times in raids we are bound to have!

Our raid times will be @ 7-10 PST Fri and Sat evenings. Please apply for Nebulous on our forums at:

Nebulous is looking to add:
  • 1 disc/holy Priest
  • 1 Warlock
  • 1 Hunter
  • 1 Mage
  • 1 other dps

A little more about the guild:

<Macabre> is a new 10-man guild on Hyjal (US-PvE). We are a community of 10-man teams that range from casual play to hardcore competitive raids. There are no guild-wide officers in the guild. We're like a meta-guild for small groups. Each team runs its own show for recruiting, policies, loot, etc. We believe we offer something for everyone under a single guild tag, perfect for Cataclysm leveling. To learn more about <Macabre> and all its teams, visit us at: