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Thread: PvP gloves for pve pally tanking?

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    PvP gloves for pve pally tanking?

    Not the most relevant question since we are at the end of the patch, but im dying of curiosity to ask if anyone else ever tried out using Wrathfull gladiator scaled gauntlets for PVE prot pallys.
    I was trying this because my gloves were my worse item (still packing a 251 tier glove stubbornly waiting to get a voa drop), so it was a significant attribute increase, and because of that 5% bonus to crusader(which is not a set bonus, you just get it for wearing the gloves). I figured this bonus might be a nice increment to threat on bosses.
    Any thoughts?

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    I seem to recall a pally tank friend of mine tell me that if you're rocking enough T10, you receive a bonus to HotR that boosts it's single target damage higher than CS. It's a good thought, but I'd run the numbers in recount and see what your average CS and your average HotR do.

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    AFAIK the T10 bonus does not push HotR damage above CS. It might make it close, but I am seeing 13k CS crits with vengeance stacked with the ICC buff with avenger wrath up, HotR does not even come close to that.

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