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Thread: Anyone know a website that will tell me all buff/debuffs/spells and what they do? :)

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    Something maybe site that tells you all Buff/Debuff/Spells/Ability and what they do?

    I need to learn more about what other classes can do and really need to know these things for pvp :P

    if anyone can post a site or tell me how i can learn these things without making a char and leveling it to 80 with every class i would be very happy face

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    You can try thottbot, but I do not know of a website that does what your asking (though Im sure it exsits). Im sure you have already tried a google search so I wont mention that. However the best way, as well as, the way a majority of PvPers learned, is just to PvP, as much as possible.

    Play with every class and learn what they do, this is important for rogues because they are such a knee jerk reaction class in pvp. Vs other classes that get a 1.5 second time frame to make decisions, rogues have between .2 seconds to 1 second to make decisions. They are also (feel free to lol at this) a cooldown based class, even in cata. So you have to make a decision in less than a second that will affect the outcome of games.

    The best advice I can give you is to practice, practice, practice. And keep recuperate up in duels/BGs at all times

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    At the top where it says DK you can choose the other classes. It shows all their spells.

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    Wowhead has good information, though personally, I would check in with friends of the appropriate class.

    If you don't know any friends that do well in pvp for a specific class/spec, you can always try and find a pvp guild and ask them to help you out - if you offer them some gold for their time, I'm sure there are people out there that have the skill and will to teach you stuff.
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