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Thread: Best Race for Protection Warrior in Cata?

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    Best Race for Protection Warrior in Cata?

    I'm transferring my protection warrior over and also switching to horde from alliance. What race should I choose? I've looked at them all and I think unless they change the racials in Cata (not sure?) Its between Tauren for the extra health or Undead for the extra pvp trinket (though warriors can break fear pretty easy already).

    I'm going to primarily be doing protection pve, but I'm thinking of starting up pvp and doing some dps if I can work it in (bored of just tanking always).

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    If you are talking strictly racials I would say Tauren for the extra health. However, I would stick with a race you will enjoy. If you don't want to be a big ol cow or an ugly undead dude then don't do it.

    Honestly, I would make your alliance a blood elf and then make your blood elf a paladin because they rock!

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    Normally I'd agree and just say Tauren = more ehp but it's just base hp, so what does that amount to at 85? 10 stam? 20? 30? Is it going to be a statistical difference? Will 300 or 400 extra health matter when I have over 100k vs having another cooldown to break CC. And both have resists one to frost, one to elemental, those might play a bigger role than any health difference.

    I hate paladins, nothing personal it's just that like DKs I run into too many that think "paladin: l33t faceroll tank, I'm so l33t and better than you". I'm actually working on leveling a DK and a pally just so I have all 4.

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    I'd suggest you make a DK of the race you are thinking of swapping to on a different server and try it out. That way you can do the starter area and get into a couple BGs or 5 mans to really test it. The view point of a tauren is very different than anything on alliance. Some people hate, some like it.

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    Blood Elf.... Nothing scares the mob more that a jumping pirouette. It should be followed by an unresistable stun if you ask me... Sorry, had to do it. Now, I would say that if your a min/maxer, then go Tauren. To be honest though, the rocket jump that the Goblins will have looks like it could come in handy if you cannot charge for some reason. Actually, come to think of it, if you rocket jump to one mob, then that gives you a free charge you can use right away to get aggro on the mob that the hunter decided he wanted to kill first. Maybe Goblin would actually be a really good choice.

    Other than that, it most likely really wont make much of a difference what race you choose. Just choose one that appeals to you the most.

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    I'd actually be tempted to go with Troll. Regen isn't that great, but Beast Slaying, Berserking, and Da Voodoo Shuffle are nice.

    Orc Axe spec is super nice when you can find a good axe weapon. That's 5 expertise you can reforge into something else. Hardiness is also kinda cool.

    Tauren pretty much have endurance. I can't remember the last time I saw a Tauren war stomp in PvE.

    Undead pretty much only have Shadow Resist. You'll never use WotF in PvE.

    Goblins have that 1% permanent attack speed increase, which isn't terribad. Rocket Barrage might be a good pulling tool.

    Really, though, in the end, I'd go with whatever feels the most fun to play. I happen to like the way my Orc looks while tanking. I prefer undead for my rogue, and I love goblin for my hunter. It has more to do with looks than gameplay, because the racials aren't game breakingly different in power.
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    I would wait until Cata launches if possible. Some racials may yet change. Bliz did say they intended to bring the old races up to the Goblin standard for racials, but that hasn't happened in Beta yet.

    Also, you'll get the option of a Blood Elf Warrior in Cata, which actually is a really good tank and pvp race. Both Arcane Torrent AoE silence and 2% chance to be missed by spells are useful in both settings. Even though I'm Orc4Life, I have to admit this.

    Tauren hp = meh, but Thunderstomp is more useful now that AoE is being nerfed (and in pvp too). That wouldn't be a bad choice. There have been a few times in Beta where the dps pulled a mob or two off me on multimob pulls, and my troll really wished he'd had Thunderstomp to stop them in their tracks immediately.

    As for trolls, the 20% haste scales with your haste rating, unlike Orc's Blood Fury. Voodoo Shuffle is nice for pvp, and stacks with meta gems and other things that decrease snare duration on you. The slighly increased health regen is probably about as useful as Tauren Endurance, which is to say not that much, but I'm just eyeballing it and haven't worked out the math.

    Until I got into the Beta I was all set to convert my Orc War to a Goblin come Cata, but having played around with Goblins now, I've changed my mind. The reason is that with Charge, Intercept, Intervene, Heroic Leap (usable in combat, 1m cd), and Engineering Nitro Boosts, I've got all the mobility I need, as Prot at least. The Goblin rocket is comically slow (nothing like the Engineering wrist rockets), and the rocket jump has a short range and doesn't give rage.

    Undead are obviously nice for PvP, but otherwise not so special.

    While I like the look of my Orc war better than any other race, it doesn't look like Blood Fury at 85 is going to be particularly useful. It just doesn't scale, like Berserking. The stun duration decrease is nice, but I think Voodoo Shuffle is better for Wars. Axe/Fist specialization is excellent for Prot when you've got an axe or fist weapon. Wrath had plenty of the former, though even then I found myself with a 1h sword or mace periodically. Here's hoping Cata has more.

    So if I were min/maxing for both Prot and PvP, I'd probably be choosing b/t BE, Troll, or Tauren. But even moreso, I'd be waiting till after Cata launches, or at least until Bliz announces something about reworked racials.

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    The same race that's currently best now will also be best then, Night Elf. 2% miss is leaps and bounds ahead of anything available.
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    I was an undead warrior and when race change was brought out i switched to cow for the extra hit points... I gained I think about 300? After about 2-3 weeks i paid my money again to switch back to undead. The hit points just weren't worth being a big fat cow.

    Basicly: play what you like, your racials won't matter if you hate playing the race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropetown View Post
    The same race that's currently best now will also be best then, Night Elf. 2% miss is leaps and bounds ahead of anything available.
    True, but he's transferring to Horde.

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    One should consider animations in addition to simple racials, after seeing the belf animations for 3+ years, most other races looks clumsy. It really threw me off when I went female troll for my DK at WotLK launch.

    Orc: 3 expertise skill with axes/fists means less expertise rating needed. If you go fury often, you can use a hit/mastery weapon for both roles. The AP boost is static based on level, 1170AP at 85.

    Undead: The resist is a joke as kings and resist auras give it as well. The famous Will of the Forsaken ability is still a decent fear break.

    Tauren: The famed 5% HP is only useful for bragging rights. The stun is nice, but does have a slight cast time and only stuns five targets. The model is very large and there have been people with shoulders like the ones the DK's get in their starting area having to walk sideways through doors in org.

    Troll: Regen sucks out of combat, 1/10th of it in combat is 10x suck. 5% extra dmg vs beasts will help on some fights with threat, but I doubt beasts will be as dominant as undead were in WotLK or elementals in Cata.

    Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent is a great AoE/backup interrupt and arcane resist is not offered by any normal buffs.

    Goblin: The rocket is very useful since it has a very slow animation, giving the raid time to see that the pull is happening at that time. The blink is always useful when you can't charge/intercept/intervene. 1% haste is free threat. The exalted discount racial is handy for offsetting the expensive life of a tank, and the alchemy boost is nice if you want extra flask time. There is also the fun of a short guy tanking a super-sized raid boss

    Best: Goblin due to loads of useful racials that make tanking life easier; Orc due to expertise.

    Decent: Blood Elf due to smooth animations, arcane resist, and AoE/backup interrupt; Undead because of the fear break

    Meh: Tauren only get out of bad due to warstomp, the 5% HP is only useful for saving a wipe with some really really really low HP left after the healer got stomped.

    Bad: Trolls due to racials that have no real benefit to warriors

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