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Thread: Engineering for a pvp rogue in cata?

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    Engineering for a pvp rogue in cata?

    I remembered my brother making great use of engineering on his rogue back in wrath with all the stuff like the parachute cloak, the rocket gloves, etc, but I know new xpac, new items, and I want to know if engineering makes the cut yet again as atlasloot's database is still behind on a lot of things. There's no cataclysm LW db in atlasloot atm, so I can't compare it to eng or alch or whatever rogues use, and atm I'm lvling a goblin rogue as I've always wanted a rogue, and the goblin dance is just complementary, like the chocolates on the pillows in those fancy hotels....the kind I never been to

    To sum my question up: What professions would rogues use for optimal pvp performance in cataclysm?
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