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Thread: Best addons for healer?

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    I use Grid and mouse over macros. I do this because I want to be able to keep the boss targetted to see his abilities, be able to do an interrupt or maybe just send an odd flameshock or so. I still want to be able to use the mouse button to select a raid member so that is one of the reasons why I don't use Clique-casting with mouse buttons. Another reason is that this is what I have done for a long time and what I feel comfortable with.

    I like to keep the tank I put Earth shield on as my focus.

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    OH MAN! Talk about a question that has infinite answers. First and foremost, what addons you use are completely up to you but I will state the addons I use for my Restoration Druid. One addon I love is VuhDo I like this better than Healbot because VuhDo is much more customizeable in my opinion, allowing you to have Buff warnings, threat warning, inc heals, heals, display of icons to your choices (where your HoT icon will be placed on the name plate) and much much more! But I also use Grid, you will see that many Healers like to use 2 Raid Frames, I use Grid for Battle Rezing so I can easily select the player I wish to bring back from the dead, along with being able to set player foci more quickly. Also I like to use PitBull because I can create and customize my own party name plates, move them to my liking etc. I also like to have Satrina Buff Frames its a great way to organize all your de/buffs you like in your personal way and show them anywhere on your UI. Also I use Dominoes for my action bars because I always need more room for all my spells. Also a great addon would be Power Auras because instead of searching through your buffs and trinkets and wondering if your spell proc'd anything PowerAuras provide you a visual effect letting you know when something happened/avaliable for example I have Wildgrowth as one of my PowerAuras everytime I cast it I have 2 half circles pop around my character tunnel vision and once they go away that is when I know my wildgrowth is off CD, you can do the same thing with Swiftmend and Omen of clarity. There are both tutorials for GRid and PowerAura set up's by our lovely Aliena on Tankspot.

    PowerAura Tutorial can be found here: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...Auras-Tutorial
    Grid Configuration Tutorial can be found here: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...-Grid-Tutorial

    I hope you have the best of luck finding the AddOn's that are right for you! If you need anything else please don't be afraid to ask! GOOD LUCK!

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    VuhDo for the win! Much easier than Clique to setup, and hugely customizable. Never tried Healbot. VuhDo even helps for my tank for a visual placement.

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    VuhDo all the way.

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    Yeah, I use Grid when I'm not healing too. It's important for a tank or raid leader to always have a quick visual snapshot of what's happening to the players in the raid.
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    Like many, I migrated to VuhDo simply because they were the fastest off the mark after 4.01 to come up with an interface, and it's decent once you get used to it.

    I came from Healbot, never did try grid+clique, the fact that there is a tutorial here on how to setup grid+clique should not daunt you in terms of setup. I find VuhDo takes a lot of setup itself if you want it to be useful.

    Healbot is a great starter interface, simply because you don't have a lot to customize. Having too many options to mess around with is nice for us Grid+Clique/VuhDo/Veteran Healbotters, but for starters, keep it simple.

    Grid+Clique, from what I can tell, is simply a legacy from older raiders. It's great, but VuhDo and to some extent Healbot can do what is needed anyways.

    If you don't want to change later on, then start with VuhDo up front. If you can navigate through its option to understand, then it's the best balance of power and ease of use, which is why it is so popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reev View Post
    I'm oldschool and use only Grid. I think I should get with the program and get Clique or a similar program.
    I prefer Grid with mouse-over macros over using conjunction with Clique. Don't think I'll ever switch to such clicking functionality. I'm starting to look at Healbot and Vuhdo to see if I can get the information presented how I like it, for patching purposes. I have Grid profiles for my priest and druid that I've grown quite accustomed to, however they require additional Grid addons (like gridstatushots) which can be seemingly problematic during updates so that's why I'm looking at an all in one package right now.
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    Pitbull 4.0 is highly recomended. And Clique. Only downside with pitbull is that it can be hard to learn how to customize it. Once you know what your doing only your imagination stops you from making your perfect UI.

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    I don't use vuhdo any more because it had issues with redrawing the frames if I disconnected during combat, so I needed a backup raidframe regardless. Grid does not have this problem (which is fairly major if you ask me).

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    Healing addons:
    Grid + Clique. When combined with mouseover macros for other things, it works wonders. If your system has trouble w/ too many addons, you can enable the default UI party frame as a raid frame (which is moveable, and can be made smallish) and use Clique with it.

    Grid Pros: Highly customizable, you can make it tell you just about everything you wanna know, depending on what plugins you use.

    Grid Cons: Can be a resource hog if you load it down w/ various plugins.

    Clique: You have to make sure that you tell it not to act on frames you don't want it to.

    I've tried Vuhdo and Healbot. Vuhdo I got kinda cross eyed at the configuration and Healbot, well it's annoying and clunky.

    Raid frames/Party frames: Currently, I'm using the default raid frame, I will probably change back over to grid from the stand point of being able to see debuffs better. As I'm rebuilding my UI from scratch, I'm only adding in things one at a time. My Unit Frames are Shadowed Unit Frames, and while I may not be able to customize it as much as PB4, PB4 was making my head hurt. SuF is lightweight, and easy to configure.

    Threat/Damage meter: Skada. Only turn on what modules you actually want, and you'll conserve resources over Omen/Recount combo. I have 2 skada windows: 1 for threat, open during combat, and 1 for damage, closed during combat.

    BossMod: Everyone has their favorites. I've tried DXE, BigWigs, and DBM. I may not have given BigWigs a fair shake. Consensus in our guild, DBM.

    Buff Bar Mod: Optional. I use Satrina's Buff Frame, highly modded for my use. Set it up how you want it, then turn off the options in your addon loader. The mod itself is fairly light weight, the configuration is not. But Satrina is a stand up dude, and unlinked the two.

    Look thru the Show your Interface, and Rate the UI above threads to see what you like. Then CREATE it yourself. Download packs are rarely ready to go out of the box as you will want to tweak things for your playstyle. If you have questions on how to set up various different addons, then go to the UI thread and ask there. We're glad to help.
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