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Thread: My Ui and guide to creating it

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    My Ui and guide to creating it

    *note all addons used in my ui are hosted on www.curse.com and are legal to wow's terms of use*

    First off lets post a pic of my ui

    This is my User interface sitting idle with nothing much going on. As you can see the screen is very clear not a lot of clutter any where.
    Firstly to start out, one of the most important user interface options is built into wow it's self.

    Following the path: esc>video>advanced you will find a check box beside a slider named "UI Scale" My setting is below

    The most important addon in my ui is called Bartender.
    Bartender simply removes wow's standard hot bars, and allows you to put them where you like in groups you like.
    There is a lot of user input to this addon but it is user friendly, and very easy to learn.

    Bartender can do many creative things such as hiding a bar until it is moused over (did you wonder where my bag bar was?)

    Next we have to get rid of that ugly standard map and it's mini map buttons the addon used here is sexymap
    Again this addon has lots of custom user options, but downloads with a very nice map. (right click on mini map for options)

    Now that we got rid of those pesky mini map buttons that were uglying up our screen where did they go?

    Titanpanel is a very small panel at the top or bottom of your screen. It can display a lot of information in a very small area.
    Titan panel is the name of the addon and "searching curse for titanpanel" will show you a large number of plugins find what works for you.

    As a healer i have a problem with the standard wow player and target frames as well as the party frames, and raid frames.
    The answer to this problem is x-perl.
    Again this addon can be cutomized to show as much information or as little information as you want/need.

    Grid is an excellent replacement for raid frames, it can show you debuffs, aggro and numerous other things in a very clean and compact way (see the raid photo)
    Grid can also be used in combination with Clique as a healing addon. while this creates some problems with clicking on player and target frames for s menu the problem can be resolved in cliques options (ask me how)

    Another problem with wow's standard ui is the cast bars, they do not show input lag. The addon for this is Quartz, this program can move and change every cast bar including GCD bar and Swing bar for melee.

    If you look in the upper left corner of that last screen shot you will see my tool tip. This is accomplished with an addon called Moveanything i believe it to be self explanitory.

    Lastly where are my raid addons omen, recount, ect.
    Most of these addons appear when you enter a raid group

    That is my active raid ui

    Lastly kgpanels is a fun toy to clean up the look of things.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my guide, but let me stress that a custom ui is just that custom and should be built for what you need or want to see.
    I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg of custom ui's and not mentioned several addons I use, but i hope you can use my guide to start making your ui work for you.
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    A Full list of addons
    Addon control panel
    Button facade
    Event alert
    Prayer of Mending Tracker
    Titan panel (and a ton of plugins)

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    I gotta say, it's definitely a good start (considering you're a new face at TankSpot). I'm a little (okay.... a lot) OCD and very extensive when it comes to pointing out areas for improvement, so please bear with me.

    A few things to look at for your own personal UI... from one healer to another...

    1) Frame Layout:
    - - Although I like the fact you got rid of the unattractive standard map by dragging it down to the bottom right corner (where there's generally nothing going on in novice UI's).... and justified it by moving buffs/debuffs up into that corner, I can't help but think that, in raiding, that's a long way for the eye to travel to look at buffs & debuffs as a healer. As it stands now, raids are THE ONLY area of the game where certain debuffs (some dispellable) have some kind of beneficial/less harmful functionality if they stay on. Your Grid and Bartender are bottom-center, which is what I like in a UI, but since some healers prefer Grid not to show the center graphic for debuffs (makes it not as easy to track health). But that means that in those special fights where you actually don't necessarily want to dispel a debuff, you've got a long way to look to make sure you got it right. Similar story with the corner tooltip (in fact, where you put the buffs would be an excellent place for that tooltip). You got a good open view of the raid environment with your layout but when it comes to dispels and buff checking. If you don't have anything else that pops up in the gap next to Grid, that seems like an excellent place to put debuffs

    2) the Bartender frame at the bottom: I like what you did with the edges, but I can't get over those big empty gaps between the bar sets. Even for non-clickers it's a little distracting in raids when you're mentally processing what cast to set off next and your eye has to jump from one bar to another across that gap. Perhaps make these into their own frames like you did the other elements of the UI or close the gap enough within the panel so the space between the bars matches the empty space between the bar and the border. That way it's noticeably separate but not distracting when moving from one to the next.

    3) Just a suggestion, but shortening the recount box from 13 down to 5 and lining it up so it's on the same level as where Omen is now would free up space to put your Omen under it (hint hint: DPSers .... I know you're reading this, put Omen where you can see it so you can stop pulling aggro!)

    And on a side note... I notice with a lot of UI's there's a ton of buttons (even though bliz has taken out any real need for more than maybe 10 spells per class to use in raid combat). I've found that you can greatly improve your effectiveness at whatever class/spec you use for raiding if you restrict your options to the bare essentials in heroics/questing and then give yourself back those cooldowns for use in raid. (I put this into practice 7 days ago when I hit 80 on my druid and I encounter people on a daily basis telling me I'm one of the best healers they've ever had). It seems only logical to me that someone who takes the time to build an elegant, useful UI would also take into consideration whether or not you need all those buttons for healing in raid and save alternate layout profiles for DPSing and PvP. (obviously this isn't aimed only at you, as I see it in tons of UI's all over the net).

    PS: Sorry about the utterly huge blocks of text.

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