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Thread: wrathful gladiators greatsword?

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    wrathful gladiators greatsword?

    would that be better then the wrathful gladiators decapitator for a pvp weapon for a dk.seems like all the dks ive seen who pvp have it,or they have shadowmourne but ya.my guild doesnt do 25 man ICC anymore so i gave up on shadowmourne(well i think its actually the newest season one cuz i dont see it in the vendor yet)

    or does it matter,thinkin about farmin back the honor and gettin pvp gear now.cuz i needed gold and vendored my pvp gear lol,but i had the wrathful gladiators decapitator before

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    You can't vendor PVP items. The stats on these weapons are identical so it's up to your personal preference wether you would like to swing a sword or an axe.

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