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Thread: [H] <Macabre> of Hyjal - Join the Revolution!

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    [H] <Macabre> of Hyjal - Join the Revolution!

    <Macabre> (http://www.macabreguild.net) is a new Horde guild on Hyjal (US-PvE). Not your typical guild, we are a community of individual 10-man and PvP teams under one roof. We offer something for everyone, creating a unique environment where you can run a raid or PVP group with just your friends while still being plugged into a larger network. Unlike other guilds, your team will have little/no interference from outside guildmates, allowing you to forge your own path. And come Cataclysm, our community will be there to level with and earn guild rewards at a faster pace.

    If you're a hardcore raider that wants to win server firsts -- there's a team for you.

    If you're a casual player just hoping to see ICC and level alts -- there's a team for you.

    If you're a PVP'er...there will be a team for you too, or you can start your own!

    Recruitment is Open!

    One of these 10-man teams is sure to fit your raiding goals! Apply for any team on our Recruitment forum at: http://www.macabreguild.net
    • Phantom -- Hardcore 11/12 HM
    • The Insurrection -- Hardcore 11/12 HM
    • Hecatomb -- Semi-Casual 8/12 HM
    • Team Chaos -- Semi-Casual
    • Nebulous -- Casual (brand new)
    Don't find what you want? Start your own 10-man team!
    If you are a small guild or an experienced raid leader looking for freedom to run raids your way but with the security of a larger guild for substitutes and Cataclysm leveling, we may make a great match. Chat with any Macabre team leader with questions, and fill out a Raid Team form on our website!


    We are currently recruiting a PVP Lead interested in championing <Macabre> PVP efforts for Cataclysm. Hyjal is an active Horde server. We already have a large roster of very dedicated, skilled players, many that want to PVP as much as they PvE. Do you lead BGs and Arenas with your friends? Do you want to extend that to a larger, stable guild and rule the ranks in Cataclysm? Join us today!

    A little more about us:

    The guild has only existed since September, 2010, and we are already buzzing with four active 10-man teams, with a fifth starting up soon. Its leaders are VERY experienced in leading end game content, including both past and present content.

    At the same time, <Macabre> members are also casual, friendly people that enjoy hanging out together.
    We are looking to maximise fun and minimise drama. We always aim to have something going on in the guild. We truly believe we have something for everyone.

    Our main goal is to create a guild atmosphere where we are able to be ourselves without prejudice. Since a good amount of the guild is GLBT, including the leadership, we face prejudice in our everyday lives and we play this game in order to get away from that. We expect everyone with our tag to be tolerant, no matter your background.

    Again, if this sounds like your kind of guild for the end of WotLK and Cataclysm, check us out! http://www.macabreguild.net
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