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Thread: [H] Insurrection of <Macabre> 11/12 HM 10-man - New Roster to fill

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    [H] Insurrection of <Macabre> 12/12 ICC + H RS - recruiting DPS for Cata

    <Macabre> is a new 10-man guild on Hyjal (US-PvE). We are a community of five 10-man teams that range from casual play to hardcore competitive raids. We believe we offer something for everyone under a single guild tag, perfect for Cataclysm leveling. To learn more about <Macabre> and all its teams, visit us at: http://www.macabreguild.net

    One of our hardcore raiding teams, The Insurrection, is recruiting top-caliber players looking for a 10-man guild that will compete for server firsts. We are a team of highly skilled players; many of us have played in or led top-rated guilds since Vanilla days. Do you want to be the first to the new content, improve your skills, and earn achievements? Look no further.

    The Insurrection is currently in need of:
    • 1 exceptional DPS - Mage or Hunter preferred
    The Insurrection's accomplishments:
    • Bane of the Lich King (12/12 HM ICC)
    • Heroic Ruby Sanctum
    • Glory of the Icecrown Raider
    • Strong member achievements: Earth, Wind & Fire, Herald of the Titans, Tribute to Insanity, etc.
    We raid Tue-Thu @7pm PST. We've downed Heroic Lich King, so our current focus is to fill up the roster and finish off any missing achievements while we prepare for Cataclysm. We are only looking for highly-skilled players interested in competing for server firsts on the server. You must have Hardmode ICC experience in either 10s or 25s. We'll expect you to prove your DPS, if that's the role you apply for.

    To apply, visit our forums and fill out a Raiding form at: http://www.macabreguild.net. Note that our guild's other raiding teams are looking for new members too. Everyone is welcome to apply even if you don't meet The Insurrection's requirements!

    You can also catch us online on Hyjal. Look for Nalyn, Solaya or Quietpaw.
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