I'd like to turn xp off at 49 and twink out. I have 2 flurry axes with crusader(I also have 2 dazzling longswords with crusader cause I considered the 39 bracket as well), therefore cause of 4.0, I'll be fury. After that I have no idea what to do. I'm 29 now, so I need a few heirlooms, some of which I have but not all/proper I'm sure. I'd appreciate suggestions for heirloom while leveling, talent trees (again wanna duel wield so fury is my spec), and what gear do I use when I hit my bracket of choice? Maybe hang out in 39 bracket for a while then bump up to 49 bracket? I don't really know. "Toyoma" from Thorium Brotherhood is my main. If you care to look, you'll see I'm highly geared and exp'd but range and melée are 2 different worlds and I feel lost. Thanks in advance for any help.