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Thread: DW Cryptmaker HC

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    DW Cryptmaker HC

    Just a quick question is it better to dw 2 hc cryptmaker
    cryptmaker hc in mh and shadows edge in oh


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    Depends if you are going for the Shadowmourne Quest or not.

    With 2 Heroic Cryptmakers you have an easier time hitting the DW Hard cap (27%, the 3% from precision is show in your stat screen btw). Not to mention it does more dps and has 3 sockets. Where as Shadow's Edge only has 2 sockets, does less dps but it does have haste rating which you can convert into whatever you want (I'd avoid Mastery rating its not useful for Fury just yet..).

    I run with Heroic Cryptmaker in my MH and Shadows's Edge in OH if I play fury, always put your most damaging weapon your your MH. Bryntroll though is a different story..

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