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Thread: Thunderclap + Thunderfury

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    Thunderclap + Thunderfury

    I bet alot of you are going to roll their eyes at the sight of yet another TF redundancy thread.

    But has anyone noticed that TF and TC are stacking since 4.0.1, even in raid situations?
    I did some PvP duel testing, and player attackspeed is indeed reduced by a stacking 44%

    If this works on Bosses, then its clearly unintended and a bug.

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    It doesn't matter, because I could bring an extra healer instead of your craptastic 1500 DPS with TF
    Heck, I'll just get a Disc Priest spam Smite for hte same DPS and equal survivability for the tank and atleast it'll heal the melee when the tank doesn't need it.
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