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Thread: Mitigation for a Warrior tank

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    Mitigation for a Warrior tank

    what are the new min/max levels for dodge parry and block and what is the importance of each. i have been told in the past to go for parry over dodge for rage reasons but how much more parry should i have over dodge and when or how should i go about stacking block or is it even worth it at this time? i reforged my gear to hit expertise and hit cap to make sure i had good threat and to do so i sacrificed dodge unfortunately more than i would have liked. im sitting around 20% dodge 22% parry and 30 block more is better but how much should i aim for?

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    That isn't mitigation, it is avoidance.

    Due to the hold the line talent Parry has gained some value, especially as it has the same DR's as dodge. I would try to keep them about equal for rating.
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