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Thread: [Horde] (PVE) Nesingwary <VENGEANCE> LF Raiders without drama

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    [Horde] (PVE) Nesingwary <VENGEANCE> LF Raiders without drama

    VENGEANCE Guild Recruitment
    Our guild is a tightly knit group of friendly guild members who are very serious about raiding. Basically, serious raiders without the serious drama.

    Guild Philosophy
    We began this guild with two goals in mind.
    1- Be one of the most successful raiding guilds on our server
    2- Have a healthy, fun environment in our guild and in raid

    Guild Progression Agenda
    We are currently running one team to finish Vanquisher drake achievements and Heroic Lich King and another for those that need their Kingslayer title focusing on killing the Lich King.

    Guild History
    At this point, the guild has been highly successful in raiding nearly everything in game including several hard modes of dungeons, we are 12/12 in ICC 10man, 11/12 ICC Heroic.

    About us
    We are primarily an adult guild, with most people in their 20's-30's+. Many of our raiders have jobs, college and/or have families. We have a strong number of current and former military personnel in our guild of all branches as well(myself included). Many of our raiders have experience dating back to early BC and/or Vanilla WoW including 40 mans. We are a fairly young guild but have had very good progression to this point.

    What we are looking for
    We are looking for people who know their class and are serious about raiding, but want to play as part of a team and are tired of all the drama that has unfortunately become part of this game. We want people who see the big picture and are interested in joining a guild for long term raiding and enjoyment of the game.
    Loot Rules
    With the shift to 10 man teams for Cataclysm, we will be using a 'Loot Council' type system. Basically, gear will be rolled on for main spec upgrade, then offspec if no one needs for main. Once you win a loot drop, pass on the next few rolls to let others have a chance at winning a drop. We all love gear, but we don't have loot whores in VENGEANCE.

    VENGEANCE is committed to a culture of no in game drama. That includes both loot drama, in guild or any other server drama. When you are a member of VENGEANCE, you are expected to never, under any circumstance, use any public forum -- including server forums -- to instigate any level of drama. This is not limited to messages related to our guild, but also to any inflammatory post for any guild. The goal with these rules is not to restrict our members, but to attract members who are not prone to interpersonal drama in the first place. In our guild, we allow our actions and server status to speak for us.

    Anyone interested in applying is welcome to apply on our guild website 'www.vengeanceguild.com' or contact a guild member in game. Contact 'Crindra' ‘Stormyst’ or any member of the guild to discuss applying or send an email to ‘spartan41h1@gmail.com’. The guild app is posted on the left, just click on 'guild applications'.
    Potential applicants are also welcome to join us in vent to check out the guild before applying.
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