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Thread: [A] PvE-EST, 11/12HM, Server Firsts, LF Heals and rDPS

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    [A] PvE-EST, 11/12HM, Server Firsts, LF Heals and rDPS

    Carpe Diem is a newly transferred guild to Zul'jin. We started almost 4 years ago as a raiding guild on the Thunderhorn server where we moved quickly to the top rankings during TBC. During WotLK we held the number one raid spot. Unfortunately burnout and summer caused us to redirect our efforts of raid sustenance to a more populated and raid oriented server.

    Guild Achievements:
    - H:ICC 11/12 25 - During 15% Buff Stage
    - Death's Demise (Thunderhorn)
    - Celestial Defender (Thunderhorn)
    - Magic Seeker (Thunderhorn)
    - Obsidian Slayer (Thunderhorn)

    Raid Times:
    - Wed, Thurs, Mon - 730 - 1030 EST
    - Require 90% Minimum

    Currently Recruiting (All of these are in high need)
    - Resto Druid
    - Disc Priest
    - Boomkin
    - Mage
    - Warlock
    - Hunter

    What we are looking for:
    - Players with experience in current hardmodes of at least 11/12 ICC 25.
    - Players who are in ilvl 264 gear or better. If you are slightly below this but feel you have logs proving you are better than your gear please feel free to app and defend yourself.
    - Players who can take critique without it turning into a hostile argument. We want to be able to quickly analyze what went wrong/right in an attempt and make necessary changes on the spot.
    - Players who are on top of theorycrafting, gemming, and enchanting. We want to see min/maxing.
    - We thoroughly examine logs to look for players with not only high DPS but great raid awareness.
    - Players need to be 18+ and MATURE. We aren't here to babysit or deal with unwanted drama mongering.

    What we offer:
    - We cover repairs during raids 10/25 for raiders, all enchanting mats for raiders, and a portion of pots for each night.
    - We offer FaF invites for raiders so that the guild stays a friendly environment outside raid times.

    If these things interest you and you are wanting to be part of a guild doing a little reorganizing to clear HLK/HRS and succeed in Cataclysm feel free to check us out at http://carpediem.invisionzone.com. If you need info from someone in game feel free to message anyone in Carpe Diem.
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