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Thread: Prot war talents

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    Prot war talents

    Been workin on my spec for a few days, and just need some feedback on a couple choices. First is the decision i made to take war academy over cruelty, am i nuts here ? With all the buffs to hs and cleave it seems like a very viable choice. Was also debating running dual spec prot and taking blood craze/field dressing. General ideals seem to be warrs are having 0 single target threat issues. Also ive seen some math on blood craze thus far, and it appears to heal approx 100-125 % of total health in an average H boss encounter. Not amazing, but all in all seems worth it if threat isnt an issue. Peace.
    ( revenge part dropped due to everyone focusing on it, figured that would happen )
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    We probably need to see some more parses (there may be some out there & I may be lazy), but my guess is that Revenge still accounts for good damage. If you compare Cleave with Revenge I will assume you talk about AoE situations in which rage is not an issue. And then we must remember that Cleave and Revenge are not mutually exclusive, meaning - you can use both at the same time since Cleave is off GCD. If rage is not an issue, why use one skill if you can use two? Revenge will probably replace Devastate, and we know which one is better.

    As for Blood Craze and Field Dressing on a patchwerk boss with a 2.5 attack speed (that's the default, right?):
    Multipliers: 0.1 proc chance, 1/2.5=0.4, avoidance ~0.4 (rounded), Field Dressing 1.2, Blood Craze 7.5%.
    0.1x0.4x0.4x1.2x7.5%=0.144% hp per second. Assuming there's no inner cooldown. That's crap on a 50k tank that's 72 hps. However, damage ticks come more often than once every 2.5 seconds, and we should remember it's 9% over 5 seconds which is more than 72 hps when it actually procs. We need to compare it with other forms of healing, maybe a healer will be able to shed more light on how we should look at Blood Craze.

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    Not amazing, but all in all seems worth it if threat isnt an issue. Was debating dropping revenge also.... i dunno....with cleave the way it is theres no way i can see using revenge on aoe trash. There is lots of fights pre 4.0 that i would not even bother using revenge, usually a mile ahead on threat so i would just spam hs/ss/deva.
    Since Revenge was buffed just before 3.3.3 dropped it became far more powerful than cleave. It still is, not to mention it procs S'n'B which is more SS and thus more threat. Dropping Revenge is a poor decision, and cruelty is wasted talent points currently IMO.
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    Revenge rocks. It's the best Threat per Rage ability we have right now outside of SnB Shield Slams, and it does huge threat on 2 targets at once. Cleave is super nice now, but Revenge still blows it away, and it's not an either/or proposition anyway; you should be using both.
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