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Thread: 4.0.1 Warrior Tanking Builds Discussion!

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    4.0.1 Warrior Tanking Builds Discussion!

    So while w8ing for the srvrs to go online i suggest we start Comparing and discussing different builds we intend to pickup

    Dmg/survival focused

    So im basicly ingoring Vigilance due not having ny agro probs, atleast before 4.0.1

    Shield Specelication i also basicly ingore due the lack mastery that we will experience till cata so our block rating will stay low. but then i dont know how the rage changes will affect tanking.

    Blood and Thunder, good aoe for sure, dunno about its uses on single target so i assume its an optional talent

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    I wasn't impressed by BnT, and rend is weak with the fast tanking weapons anyhow.


    More of a threat focused build. Absolutely stomped through ICC10 tonight, doing 7-8k DPS on single target bosses, 20k+ TPS, saw Shield Slams up to 40k and Revenge hits around 20k.

    As far as the glyphs, pay attention to Glyph of Shield Wall. It INCREASES the CD by 2 minutes. . . making it a 4 minute long CD. With the loss of Glyph of Last stand, I would rather not Glyph Shield Wall. 40% damage reduction on 2 minutes is very powerful, and that is WITHOUT the glyph. There aren't really alot of interesting options for prot glyphs, most of them just buff your damage.

    Glyph of Heroic Throw might also be interesting, if the stack of sunder it adds comes with additional threat.

    PS. Almost forgot, my block is right at 30%, and i have no mastery on my gear, nor have reforged any, and shield spec is very potent with Shield Block every 30 seconds.
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    I'll give BnT a try and if it isn't worth it i can exchange it later on. I still falter between getting 2/3 blood craze helping out the healer while they also have to relearn their classes and 2/2 cruelty for more threat.

    A lot of you picking the shockwave glyphe, why is that? It has a 20s dr like all other stuns and you can't ramp up all three stacks of thunderstruck quickly enough. It's for that situations where you need a stun NOW and have no another three seconds to spare?

    For major glyphs: Cleaving, Thunderclap and Sunder Armor, dropping Thunderclap for Shield Wall on certain encounter.

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    Simply put, you have to choose one of the AoE talents to fill out the tree, and Shockwave produces fairly good threat single target. In AoE situations, you will want to TClap on CD, then use your buffed Shockwave. On a single target boss, you will only use TClap for the debuff, and shockwave for extra threat (and it cant be dodged or parried).

    As far as the glyph choice, there are really very few options for Major Glyphs that are viable for prot.
    Cleaving - Increases the number of targets your Cleave hits by 1. (helpful for pesky AoE packs, is buffed by T-Struck)
    Heroic Throw - Your Heroic Throw applies a stack of Sunder Armor (if the sunder adds threat, could help get a headstart on a pull)
    Shield Wall -Shield Wall now reduces damage taken by 60%, but its cooldown is increased by 2 min. (increases the CD on Shield Wall, does exactly the opposite of what many of us glyphed it for in the 1st place)
    Shockwave - Reduces the cooldown on Shockwave by 3 sec (15% boost to your most potent AoE threat Ability)
    Thunder Clap - Increases the radius of your Thunder Clap ability by 2 yards. (help gather up those spaced out adds)

    There are also Long Charge and Rapid Charge, but those would see very limited use in ICC, if any.
    With vengeance stacking quickly in ICC, single target threat is of little issue, and Heroic Throw is only available once every 30 seconds, and is a utility tool, so that glyph slot would be underutilized.
    Glyph of Shield Wall doubles the length of the CD. It works without the glyph as it did prior to the patch with the glyph. Skip it.
    That being said, you are only left with Thunderclap, Shockwave and Cleaving for the Major Glyph Slots.

    As far as healers falling behind, Chill of the Throne has been removed, and damage seemed very light, and easily manageable, and blood craze seemed a little bit erratic to be dependable. RNG is still RNG.

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    @icantfindone : how many parries did u registered per boss in ICC last nite? -- u see my point here : the usefullness of the hold the line talent.
    also does gag order help on bosses? I guess it can help on adds especially in heroics but what about bosses?
    About shockwave it was more of a "help me position this trash group" then boss before. The glyph was purely for PVP. As I said before...
    Now it becomes very interesting. Especially since we have 3 more glyphs to use and the choices are pretty easy to make.

    Last thing : it's sad to see we still need to use glyph or cleaving to do AOE tanking.
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    I have 21% parry on my character sheet. Hold The Line is a 10 second buff. Assuming a 2 second swing timer on a boss, after my 1st parry, I have roughly a 70% chance to refresh the buff before it falls off, so 2 points is well spent there IMHO(a round about way to answer your question, as I didn't record the number of parries I had). The 2 points in Incite and Cruelty also give a nice amount of needed crit to your heavy hitters.

    I have 4.5% crit on my character sheet, and at the end of the night, I averaged 22% crit on Shield Slam, 35%-40%ish crit Heroic Strike (I didn't pay much attention to the rest, while maintaining 20k+ TPS on bosses sometimes spiking to 30k TPS(no hunters or rogues in the run - it was all me), so the few points in the crit talents really produced well.

    As far as Heroic Throw, it was pretty usefull on LK to grab the Raging Spirits, and I used it as BQL and Sindy flew away + Landing. Not that it was needed, it just feels good to get in those couple extra shots =P. It was also nice having it up on each wave of adds on LDW, to pull in those pesky casters (which glyphed Cleave was fantastic for too). The range interrupt was also nice on the Archmages with Dreamwalker.

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    4.61% crit on character sheet, averaged 26% crit on Devastate for the night, 31% crit on shield slam, and 46% crit on heroic strike. 3 points in incite and 2 points in cruelty

    19% parry unbuffed, had 40% hold the line uptime on heroic Festergut (17 parries) while tanking 2nd. 60%(16 parries) hold the line uptime tanking heroic rotface.

    sadly we started logging late and called the raid early, but i'm pretty satisfied with my warrior so far.

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    This is the spec I've been running in dungeons


    I run it as follows

    Thunderclap > Shockwave > Revenge, Rend, Cleave depending on procs/rage> Thunderclap > Shield Slam w/ Shield Block/Cleave/ Revenge(if available) > stacking Thunderstruck to 2 or 3 (based on need) while tab targeting Devastates, Shield Slams and Revenges to hold mobs that are low on threat, weave Shockwaves as Thunderstruck hits 2 or three and repeat til mobs are dead.

    I also like Gag Order for add tanking for the shorter CD and silence on casters to bring em in. I use Glyph of Shockwave because of the value of the stuns. Most of these add fights are over pretty quickly, and your AoE stun helps to position and hold adds that may be pulling off

    It seems complicated at first, but as I developed the rhythm, it got pretty simple. The biggest issue was "overzealous" DPS AoE-ing. Basically, our AoE threat requires a build up, rather then the snap most people are used to from pre-patch.

    The one concern I had was when unexpected adds came in. i.e. in the tunnel after Volkan in HoL. Someone got feared and caused the next wave to spawn, and the most I could do, while TC and SW were on CD, was to use my AoE taunt and tab attack.

    Overall, it was pretty good. I used it for LDW adds and it was great as well. In heroics, I would sometimes lose mobs to 6k+ GS DK's, mages and Boomkins, but it wasn't any worse than before the patch with plenty of classes. I did also say something at the beginning of my dungeons to the effect of "My threat is a little jinky, so I need 5 secs or so to build threat." Most everyone obliged consistently. Actually, the people I knew from guild were worse about it than people I would get in randoms

    TL;DR is develop a rotation, rather than Priority queue, for maximizing AoE TPS.

    BTW, I use my other build for boss tanking, and TPS and DPS is just fantastic. 43k Shield Slam ftw. Boss tanking is really no different than it was before, just be mindful of not always keeping HS on cooldown to build a little rage at times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by icantfindone View Post
    Can you post your build again? The link doesnt seem to work.

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    Wowtal seemed buggy, so I updated original post.

    5 mans are a joke now, especially if there is a decent caster or 2 in the group. A fire mage and boom chicken can level most AoE packs before you can do much more then Tclap and Shockwave. I dont even get a 2nd shockwave on any packs except for on bosses.

    Warriors now are insane boss tanks in raids. The damage output you have with Vengeance fully stacked is absurd. You will make the melee dps cry. I was beating a fury warrior, enhance shammy and ret pally in dps last night.

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    i did the same icantfindone in icc25 last night. 20k+ shield slams are awesome.

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    I'm giving an attempt to a variation of icantfindone's build.


    Dropped Gag Order for BnT. I see more potential in BnT than in a silence, even if rend is weak for the time being, also, I'm glyphing Battle over Command, as Command is now overwritten by any stam+ buff from the raid, in my experience, it's pretty much lost it's use. Battle has a better chance of sticking, if your DKs are lazy and Shamans want to drop Stoneskin.
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