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Thread: Slow One Hand now?

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    Slow One Hand now?

    I know that slow one hand weapons were viable prior to 4.0.1 for a Warrior but you would lose threat due to less heroic strike spam. However, with the changes to heroic strike, I'm really thinking about using a slow one hander just to see how it would go. I'm not really going to lose much in the way of defensive stats with the removal of def so that would also help.

    Any other warriors already doing this? If so, how's it going?

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    From what I understand, you are correct. There is no longer any reason to use a fast weapon for tanking.

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    While this is probably true, there aren't many slow 1h tank weapons at the moment. :/

    Sure, you can use a dps weapon, but the agility on them no longer adds armor, and I'm not sure but it may not even add to a warrior's dodge.

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    yeah, no dodge.

    it doesn't really matter. even without the next-swing HS, a fast weapon makes your rage and tps a little more steady instead of in bursts.

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