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Thread: The Bastion of Twilight - Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10 Man

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    The Bastion of Twilight - Halfus Wyrmbreaker 10 Man

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    Just put these up to the frontpage. Thanks for posting them!

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    No problem tanks for posting them! ..See what I did there?

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    This boss just seems so easy.

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    Did this fight last night in 10 man but some of the encounter mechanics were not how I expected them to be. We had 3 drakes up instead of the two that I heard were supposed to be. We had the Nether Scion, Storm Rider and Time Warden all interactable. This gave the boss the very nasty Shadow Nova aoe which only became interruptable once the Storm Rider was active, so naturally we had to activate him straight away.

    We also find the damage from the proto behemoth was absolutely ridiculously high, throwing fireballs for 30k damage constantly all the time that were not avoidable at all, so we activated the Time Warden to slow them down, letting us move out of them. This meant we had next to no raid damage but INSANE tank damage (we had one tank with the Storm Rider, the other with Halfus and the Time Warden). We burned down the Storm rider using all our cooldowns first. This was very intensive on healer mana but once the two drakes were dead he became much easier to manage. We bloodlusted once both drakes were dead since Halfus was taking 100% extra damage allowing us to meet the enrage timer (we killed him at exactly 6 minutes).

    Also to note he did not start to whirlwind at 30%. Instead once below 50% he periodically used Furious Roar which is a raid wide aoe and stun which hits for around 10,000 three times. He also uses a shadow nova immediately after which can be extremely hard to interrupt in time, so potentially 60,000+ raid damage which will tear through healer mana so fast. To resolve this we had a mage use blink as he channeled the last tick of furious roar to avoid the stun, and then counterspelled shadow nova before he could finish it.

    I don't know if it's intended to have to activate two drakes at the same time but honestly if we hadn't the raid damage would have been absolutely ridiculous. Its worth noting we were pretty undergeared, most of us in an average item level of around 327-330. Healers were at around 337-340.

    All in all it was much, MUCH harder in terms of tank damage than I expected it to be, though once people have gear this fight will be pretty faceroll.

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    what did the nether scion do for your raid? on hardmode if I remember correctly that drake slows the frequency of the MS debuff being applied on the halfus tank, making it do nothing on normal... my raid got the whelp cage instead of the scion, and as far as I am aware it still did the -50% damage to boss abilities like it did on beta.

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    Yeah we went in there Monday night and gave him some shots, ended up with Storm, Time, Whelps.

    What I did notice is that there was no mortal strike debuff applied with these drakes up. Seemed a bit strange to me but yeah, that's how it went.

    We unfortunately had to 3 heal it, with a resto druid, holy priest(both very undergeared) and one capable Holy Paladin who is quite well heroic geared.

    The furthest we got was about one and a half drakes down, we had to keep myself, plus another dps going back and forth from the drake to halfus every other interrupt to make sure we got the shadow novas.

    I'm thinking that if our healers can manage just a bit more mana conservation, along with the ability to possibly get a bit more dps out of the 5 we had, we could kill him this week.

    The whelps only serve that purpose TGM, yay for 50% damage debuff to him. Unfortunately with the setup I got, we had to pop them second just because a .5 second shadow nova is not going to get interrupted often. Ohhhh well.

    Also, 6 min enrage timer is fun. Especially in 333/346 gear having to do what...14 million damage total?

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    this is gr8 explean

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    The Slate applies mortal stacks, or rather makes Halfus do it :O
    Storm gives the boss Shadow Nova
    Nether gives the boss 100% haste
    Time gives the Proto fireball barrage
    Whelps gives the Proto Breath.

    We ended up with Time, Storm and Nether. What worked best for us was initially pulling out Storm and Time, killing them, then the boss. We left Nether down. The boss doesn't do -that- much damage that quickly. Really, Nether + boss does more. And with Time up, and interrupts going thanks to Storm, your healers should only be hitting the tanks anyway.

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    The video is no longer available.

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