Post: Death Knight Help me adjust?
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Hey guys, I just reforged some stuff around sitting now @

mastery: 10.03
dodge: 22.97%
parry: 21.26%
hit: +6.86%m/+8.04%sp
exp: is @ 16 rating

Armory link:

So far I at least tested it on a Heroic training dummy and didn't seem to miss any of my spells/melee hits, so that was good.

But I just basically went for a balance on dodge/parry to get as much mastery that I could fit in. Was sacrificing dodge/parry to get an increase in mastery for a total of 12.50% shield bonus worth doing? Sorry for sounding naive but what is best way to test this out?

Edit: I did have some parrys, so leads me to believe sacrificing hit/exp for mastery is not a good idea.