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Thread: Ability Queue?

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    I'm in the same boat. To me it makes the system feel more laggy and less responsive. It's making me have to stare at my action bars more, be less situationally aware, less likely to make that pick-up on the mob that peels off and goes for a ranged, etc.

    On the bright side, if you pay attention enough to hit the buttons at exactly the right time for 5 abilities in a row, a sound clip from Killer Instinct announces "MONSTER COMBO!", you get a 10% damage bonus, and an extra 1000 points!

    BTW, what was the supposed GCD exploit that this is solving?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belak View Post
    BTW, what was the supposed GCD exploit that this is solving?
    Someone (or a few someones) modified their .mpq file so their GCD was artificially reduced. The "fix" was to enforce the GCD server side, but then in turn, a server-side enforced GCD exacerbates responsiveness issues with laggy connections.... and so the queue was born.

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    Basically some high end arena players figured out how to hack the files so they could make their GCD 1 second. So be sure to thank them for this.
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    I used the addon Leatrix Latency Fix to adjust my tcp ack frequency, which has it down to on average 54 ms when I have a good connection. Before the adjustment, I would average around I think 276 ms with windows default tcp ack freq.

    The ability queue thing has me wondering now though, whether I would be better off without the adjustment - would the "higher" latency allow more time to replace a devastate with say a revenge when I see it proc? Or is it all just relative to the point that I'm still better off with the tcp ack. adjustment left in place?

    Basically I'm wondering if anyone has tried it now both with and without tcp ack. freq. adjustment and has an opinion one way or the other?

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